My first few days on my pump

Hi all -

I started on my pump on Wednesday afternoon. I've been connected to this little guy ever since. He's lived in my pockets, on my waistband, and in my bra.

He's tried on clothes with me and seen me naked.

He's becoming less of a stranger and more of a mutual aquaintence. My friend Diabetes thought we might get along and fixed us up. I think he's well on his way to becoming a trusted friend and confidant.

Here are some of my first observations:

1. I've never eaten so many snacks in my life. Every time I check my blood sugar, it seems like it's between 40-90. We're tweaking my basals as a result, but I think we may need to employ a stronger verb than "tweak." A walk up the street or down to the Metro can now bottom me out like nobody's business.

2. I had fantastic success with a pizza dinner combo bolus. It was a thing of beauty, really.

3. I don't feel the least bit bionic.

4. My first solo set and reservoir change is today. I have high hopes for no bubbles and remembering all of the steps.

5. My friend, the pump, needs a name. He's going to be with me every day for the next four years, he needs a name. If only so that I can chastise him when my blood sugar goes a little wacky.

6. People are very impressed by my pump. I really didn't expect anyone to recoil in horror, though.

Overall, I'm amazed at the control. A little scared at the power of this thing. Looking forward to working it out and getting it all right so Pumpy becomes my partner. My Sancho Pumpo.

Thank you for your blogging about the pump. I’m really glad to read that the pump is working for you.