My head hurts from crying

so obviosly i crying. this girl is makeing people turn against me. i dont know what to do

I am sorry to hear that...we are here to listen if you need support. I know many, many things in life can weigh us down, not just diabetes...

Stand tall, Anna. We believe in you. Hugs, Maureen

We are pulling for you. D changes and you have to develop new techniques. Hang in there - never give up. All the best.

So sorry to hear that this is happening to you Anna. You have had so much to deal with this year. Some teens can just be so mean!! All your TuD friends are here for you. ((HUGS))

Anna, so sorry you are having a rough time, from everything i've seen about you on here you are a wonderful person with a great heart. if anyone wants to tease you just send that bad energy back to them, i know it is hard to not react when there is bad stuff going on around you, but that stuff is not you it is just stuff, let it go and remember you are better than that, clearly! i'm not sure what the issue is with your parents, but if you were my daughter i would be thanking god for you everyday because you have such a bright spirit, resilience and goodness about you, hang in there darling there will be better days, and people that support you, you need to hurry through high school because you are more mature than most, they are probably jealous. big hugs to you anna, i will be thinking of you! amy

Anna, a month from now, you'll have had diabetes for ten years. That's an incredible accomplishment, and one that you should be extremely proud of. It has made you stronger (remember, it changes us but in a good way). The girl who's turned against you isn't strong at all, that's why she needs so win many other people on her side. It takes ten of them to be as strong as one of you. Keep your head up, and don't let them see that it bothers you.

In reality, it does bother you, and that's OK. Diabetes is tough, and being a teen is tough. Doing both is damn near impossible. If you need to take time and let your emotions out, go right ahead -- we all do that every once in awhile. Crying relieves stress and makes us feel better. If others don't get it, and you need time alone, take it (that doesn't mean to stay home from school, though!). Try to stay strong in front of the bullies though; if they can't get a response out of you, they'll probably give up and move on to someone else.

I'm really sorry you're going through this. As someone who just got out of high school last year, I can say people our age are jerks. If I had any advice, it would be to not be embarrassed by your condition in any way. Put on a "so what?" attitude. I had someone make fun of me in my sophomore year. I got fed up with it and took a shot right in front of him. He suddenly went pale and stopped mid sentence. It did feel good knowing I could do something he could never imagine.

Just try to hang in there. Once college starts, you might never see them again. :)

Not fair what you've had to deal with this year. Oh, honey, am sorry! Wish I was there to hug you & take you out for a fun day.

Oh Anna I feel so bad for u.This last year hasn't been fair to u at all. HOLD STRONG MY FRIEND!!!! We're all here if u need us!!!!

Oh my Ms. Anna, I can't stay kids are cruel because adults can be just as bad. You have to keep your head high like you have been doing and let it out later. My mom used to say "LG squared" Let go let god..I never understood it when I was young but funny how as I got old with my own son, I knew what she meant.LOL.. Obviously these people are insecure, jealous and intimidated by you so they feel it necessary to make you feel like a substandard human being. BUT, you know you aren't and heck, all of use know you aren't and even your parents know you're not. SO, hold your head high and give them the eyes..Stare back and say nothing. And then walk away..As for your parents, I don't think they have lost any faith in you. I think they are probably frustrated and don't know what to do because their daughter that they love very much is hurting!!! If none of this works, hand out broccoli to everyone, it shows you care!!! Remember Love, Peace and Broccoli make the world go round!!

Hi Anna, you hang in there sweetie, my daughter went through the same thing when she was in school. She started telling them that if they had to take responsibility for a health condition they would never survive cause it wouldn't go with their popularity image. Her other statement was: Your only being mean to me cause your not happy with the path you chose for your life, Then she would walk away with a smile and not care what they had to say. When she graduated they wanted to be her friend, she told them where to go cause if she wasn't good enough in school, they are not good enough for her future.....when I heard this all I could do was laugh and congratulate her for taking a stand. Your a strong girl and you will make it through this as my daughter did. School is important, hold strong and try to shut them out.

They will see later in life that they should have taken a different look at the situation. The saying goes: What goes around comes around. The lord will take care of it in time, believe in yourself that is what matters the most.

I don't know the relationship with you and your parents, I don't know what to say to help you with that.

Everyone here are always listening so vent away, wishing I was there to hug you, that always helped when my daughter was down. Just remember we love you and are here to support you.

Love Kat

I am so sorry Anna! Try not to let it get to you. Also, confronting them calmly and politely can fix problems fast. I hope you can sort this out. Just know that I'm praying for you and am here for you.

Anna don't listen to them. you are an amazing person and they are just jerk offs. blow them off and be yourself. all they can do is talk your real friends will never leave you.