This is my daughter Danielle age 9 years

This whole week was of highs and lows. Its been nearly two years now that Danielle was diagnose as type 1 diabetes, five months prior to the diagnose she fell from a horse while doing lessons. The got a fright and she just fell off. Luckely she didn,t brake anything.

But she's not doing so well mentally coping with diabetes. Me as her mother are trying everyting I possibly can to stay 100% on track, but the problem is when she goes to school. She get snacks and fruit, I stay in the carb ranch but she still needs to eat from her friends lunchbox. I've spoken to the teachers, the mother and also her friend, it just seems to me that they DON"T get it. So needless to say, she is lying about what she eats extra.

I dont whant to be the mean mother, she hates me already, but with that I can bare it. She's angry and I can understand it she needs to lash out. She feels all alone, like a freak and she says that she woukld rather be dead. I,ve gor an appointedment on the 26 Nov 2011 to she a childsicologist for her, so I hope that they will be able to help me.

Im also bussy trying a new menu to she if this will help. What more can I do I LOVE her so much and I tell her this everyday. That I am so proud of her, she,s an A student at school and normally a very loving child.

Even with her litlle brother but somedays is all just to much for her. We cry alot togher and I wish that I can take the diabetes away from her, we even pray that with some miracle it wil go away, but if she doesn,t work with us the whole prosses of just try to get a more even count will not happen. What am I to do!!!!

Sounds like you are doing all you can. I am the one with diabetes so I cannot truly know your pain, but I have children. Hang in there. I think therapy is the right decision, but you might also consider, if you haven’t already, finding a local JDRF to find other children who can inspire her and identify with her.

My heart breaks for you. Your words must have been difficult to write. I hope that soon your daughter will come to terms with this condition and overcome her anguish. Best wishes.

You’re an understanding & wonderful mother. Out of range BG makes diabetics very cranky, regarding her anger. I’m not discounting the psychological component, especially on a child, but being high/low makes for a roller coaster of emotions that makes control harder. It’s a Catch-22.

Christine’s suggestion about Danielle meeting other diabetics kids is great. If there isn’t a local JDRF chapter, maybe your daughter’s endo can help. Many parents of diabetics here & maybe she could email with their kids. As an adult T1 I felt alone until I found the Tu community. Even more isolating for a child. No one wants to feel different.

Heartbreaking to hear your child say she doesn’t want to be a freak & wishes she was dead.

Hope the psychologist helps. Danielle needs someone to talk to.