I cant stop


What happened? AOL Instant Messenger: AMBlass.

Would you like to talk?
I’m MeadowLark on Windows Live Messenger.

Hey, I hope you are ok. If it’s about diabetes, this is certainly the place to let it out!


Did you have a low? Or is there something we can do to help? I’m hope it’s a little easier now.

I see that you’re a member of the parent’s group, so I think I know just why you’re crying.

I’m sorry. (((hug)))

I hope that everything is OK. Please let me (and everyone) know if there is anything I can do.

IM just not handling this very well. The best advice I think I would give any new Mother of a Child with diabetes is to stay off the internet for the first three months! I really had NO idea what diabetes was all about and how life threating it is to children. All the things that can go wrong!!! I feel like im just waiting for the next shoe (BOMB) to drop!
Last nite at 2am ( we are still doing the 2am blood check) his BS was 52 and going down! I dont think ill ever get a whole nights sleep again!!
Im on a rollercoaster of emotions! I cant make it through a day without breaking down. I have a DR appt. for myself tomorrow. maybe she can help with something! I want so bad to be “the strong Mother” who handled everything and took care of everything!.. it jsut seems like the simplest task takes so much effort for me right now and I have two other kids to tend to!! Im sorry im babbling. Thank you for caring!

The first few months, I cried a lot and I still cry often. I haven’t had a night’s sleep since March! But your body will adjust and things will calm down. Being on the internet was good for me because I already knew what diabetes was as my husband has it. Knowledge is power! I now know more than my husband! Keep learning adn don’t worry about being strong. It will become routine. I can tell you are a strong woman and will do just fine. Have you been on the CWD website? I find their forums very helpful for questions I have. IT is www.childrenwithdiabetes.com.
Don’t be scared to ask for help from other around you. You need their support.