My Latest A1C


Ok i know your all going to get really excited about this, all you number crunching freaks! ;)

My latest A1C is 5.9. Thats right folks, 5.9! Too good to be true....

:) peace love empathy.


woohoo for good new linda! :slight_smile: so glad to see that you’ve come so far since your diagnosis. i’ll be waiting a month for my next A1c, i think it may go up a little but i’m hopeful it will remain in the 5.something range.
again, YAY!


Congrats. Takes a lot of hard work to get it to that point.


Wow Linda, FANTASTIC a1c! Congrats! I hope to follow in those footsteps - some day sigh. How did you do it? Shots or pump?


shots! i haven’t tried the pump but i think i’d rather stick with the shots!