A1c RESULTS! :) :) :) :)

I got the letter from my doctor todayyyy,
and it said everything is going fine with my kidneys and cholesteral,
and my A1c issssss…
(: im very happy, i thought it was going to be higher!
Last time it was 5.1

Im scared to findout how i’ll react when/if it gets higher than 5.6, or 5.1.
oh well, for now im estatic!

(sorry if it seems like im trying to brag, i dont mean to at all.)



You have the right to brag! I hope I can someday be that low! I know it took hard work on your part so … do the snoopy dance and … brag!

Oh my goodness!! You should brag and dance!!! Wow!!

OK, how do you do it? Do you eat any carbs at all???

I have a confession to make. I have the HARDEST time reading your page. I am visually impaired and the background picture just blends with the text. I wonder if there is some way to keep the background image but make the background for the text boxes white?

WOAH !!! Way to go kiddo! Absolutely the best! Did you have many lows in order to get those squeeky clean numbers…Woohoo!..You’re def. doing something right…your previous A1c was 5.1 ! (So let us in on your secret…how DO you do it anyway?)…laters, linda in canada.

wow, im jelous. my a1c is unfourtunatly at like an all time high of 9.5 :frowning: i know it sucks :Plol im doing like intensive blood trainging to bring it down… but thats awesome, i read your ‘about me’ section andd you sounf like the poster child of diabetes. :stuck_out_tongue: LOL good job keep it up :slight_smile: