Worst Day of My LIfe

I have had some pretty rough days in my life time. I have to say none were as bad as Saturday. My Hubby, Maddy and I got into a HUGE fight on Saturday. She proceeded to tell me that she hated my husband and hated living in our house. She told me that she was done and did not want to live there anymore, she had plenty of places that she could go, and would rather live on the streets than live in my house.
Maddy’s BG has not been under control in over a month. WE have been working with the Dr. changing her Lantus and Humolog dosages. Nothing is helping. Well I have found out some of the reason nothing is working. She was eating candy, and snacking with out covering for it. I have told her several times that she can have the candy (who cares), but she MUST take insulin if she is going to eat it. The end result HI on the meter.
I think between being a teenager and having diabetes our household has been turned upside down. We are not harsh parents and we are not the most strict parents. We do have her do chores (keep her room clean, bathroom clean, and she is supposed to do the dishes). These chores are not abnormal chores. We do not pay her for them as we will not pay our other two children either.
So the end result is that Maddy has moved out of my home and in with my Parents for the time being. I am requesting a phone number from my friend (who is a counselor) for a psycologist who deals with children who have a chroic illness and family counseling. We all need help to figure out how to fix this. I am torn apart inside. I never would have thought that my child would leave my side so soon. I figured I still had a good 4 years left with her. So I just wanted to say that I am sorry if I am not on here as much or am not as active. I love all of you guys and you have helped me through so much already. I have to focus on getting my family back. I knew having a teen would be rough, but I never in a million years thought it would be like this.


you have a teen who is diabetic, that has to be ten times harder then just having a regular teen! I wish you luck and hope everything gets better. I know how important it is that she is healthy, and i guess she’ll have to realize that no matter where you go you’ll still have the same struggles controlling food, controlling medicine, and controlling the Big D. Don’t think you haven’t been supportive enough, just keep on fighting. Good luck!

Hopefully your daughter will get better control over her high blood sugar. That alone is enough to make people go off on every little thing. Hang in there; it will get better.