My meter was off

I woke up this morning & I knew I was low my meter in my bedroom said I was 68 but I felt lower then that so I checked with my contour and I was 47 . The other meter is a one touch ultra . . Whats up with that ,there should not be that much difference shold there ? HAs anyone else had this problem . Tha tis why you should go by how you feel .

Variations from one meter system and another are common as well as from one test to another with the same meter. For a variety of reasons from the technology to practicality to politics these variations exist. One would hope these variations didn’t exist but they do and all we can do is ensure that we pratice “good clinical” technique when testing and use our experience to help guide us when a particular result “doesn’t” feel right. Also, be aware that some meters by default display results in whole blood and others by plasma. This alone would present a variation.

Couple of points I’d like to make regarding your recent experience:

A. Neither result (68 or 47) may have actually been “accurate”. Your actual number may have been between 47 or 68 or somewhere closeby.

B. Neither result would have generated an improper action based on the result. Depending on the time day and where one was trending a meal or snack would have been proper with either result.

Obviously your correct that one should also use other factors in making a determination such as how one “feels”.

Personally, I only stick with one meter so as to avoid arguments with myself as to which one is more accurate, as the reality is that neither is. I always think about a test result in relationship to my last meal, last injection, activity levels since then, and how I feel and what’s planned for the next few hours. If a result doesn’t add up based on my experiences than a retest is in order with the same meter making sure to pay attention to cleanliness. Sometimes a re-test bring up a more believable number and sometimes it comes up a result close to the first test. Even after all these years, sometimes I just don’t get it right.

Have you done comparisons in the past and is the Contour consistently higher than the One Touch meter? I have read on here other people thought the One Touch read higher than the other meters they had. I use the Animas Ping but don’t use the remote for testing because I had heard that. I recently tried the WaveSense Presto and that consistently read 20-30 points higher than my Aviva. When I compared the Presto to a lab draw, my BS per the lab was 84 and the Presto had 110. In the past when I compared my Aviva to the lab, it was always close. I ended up going back to the Aviva.

When I posted that here, Lizmari said there is a meter she tests high on but it works fine for her husband. Several people seemed to think that there is something in our makeup that cause certain meters to work better than others for us. I bought the Presto because I had heard a bunch of people say how good it was but it did not work for me.

the one touch was 21 points higher the my contour , my contour tested how my BS felt to me .That was first BS this morning then I did it again at my 15 min recheck and it was still 20 points higher .my contour is accurate with my BS test at my doctors appointments .

If the Contour is in line with what is done at your doctor’s appointments, I would stick with that one. The Presto was high like that for me but other people seemed to really like it. Even meters are YMMV!

yeah we just had one touch strips left over when i got my new meter & my insurance wont give me alot/enough of the strips for my contour so we were just tryuing to use both . but i guess mom will just have to buy me some

Never trust a meter when you think you are low. treat first.

Everyone will tell you that their meter is the accurate meter for them. Meters are as varied as personalities. I personally use one touch ultra link and mini and they are spot on within 3-4 points of my lab draws at the same time. Some people swear by Freestyle. I found that it was at least 25 points higher than the one touch consistently FOR ME. As prior poster said YDMV!

Also, keep in mind that meters have a +/- 20% variance they are allowed to have per FDA standards. so even if you test yourself on one meter and repeat it in 5 minutes on the same meter, you may get different results even then.

thanks guys this tylers mom here the contour has always been right with the doctor we just had alot of one touch strips to use . Has anyone heard anything about the freestyle lite it is small the new one with the 3 buttons ?