My mum is showing some signs of Type 2 Diabetes

I'm a Type 1. She's been treating her high blood pressure for some time, and is slightly overweight. Her doctor said her random blood sugar check was slightly higher than usual. Consequently, he recommended a diet consisting of a piece of bread per meal (combined with whatever she wanted) something like that. Basically he insisted that she needs to lose weight, but slowly over time.

Now as I'm not as familiar with Type 2 as I am with 1, what other recommendations could you give her? I read only that to avoid the symptoms of Type 2 one should exercise half an hour every day 5 times a week. So she exercises a little over half an hour every day, usually by walking. She follows the diet recommended by her doctor (he specialises in high blood pressure).

She still doesnt have the disease, but is showing early signs of it. We want to avoid the disease altogether.

Her A1c was 6


I would recommend she start testing before and one hour and two hours after eating. My goal is to never go over 7.8 (140) Many people feel that if a T2 goes over this regularly their condition will worsen. The bloodsugar101 website has a good explanation of how to implement a testing plan in combination with cutting carbohydrates to achieve this goal.

Unfortunately with an A1C of 6.0 your mom is already pre-diabetic. (That is diagnosed at 5.7 and full diabetes is diagnosed at 6.5). I would recommend she get a meter and test 2 hours after meals and learn to "eat to her meter" (make sure that what she eats keeps her under 140 - if not to modify types or serving size of food. In addition, if she is overweight I recommend she work on losing that weight. I don't know what the hell a diet "consisting of a piece of bread per meal combined with whatever she wanted" will do for her - sorry but that's ridiculous! She should work on lowering her carbs and the regular exercise is great.