Type 2 diabetic

To follow on from my previous blog,after going to see the diabetes nurse a week last thursday and her testing my blood sugars wich was 25 she said i should be testing my bloods every day,she increased my metformin from 50 to 75 twice a day.

Since that day i have been doing my blood checks and its not gone below 14.5 yesterday it was 21.5 but its been on averige 15,5 i have been told how bad my blood level is on this site and that i need an insulin injecsion and to get in touch with my GP.

Today i got in touch with my doctor told him the above storyhe has informed me that as i am type2 and on metformin i dont need to do finger prick testing and to stop and carry on with the increase in my metformin and to sort my diet out and in three months we will call you back to check your bloods ?

So he said not to worry im ok so there you go iv been worrying for days thinking im going to have a hear attack or go blind or my kidneys are going to pack in,and all this time the doctors told me not to worry ?

Hi shank, I'm sorry your medical team is giving you this advice, but the fact that you're back shows you are taking this seriously and that's a good thing.

If you were in the US my advice would be to fire your doctor and find one that is sympathetic to your goal of normalizing your blood sugar, but I know the medical system in the UK is different and this may not be an option.

As far as diet I have found a low carb approach is essential to meeting my blood sugar goals. Through testing I have found that I cannot tolerate any starch or sugar in my diet. So I eat no potatoes, no grain, no legumes and no fruit. This was a radical change from the way I used to eat but through frequent testing I learned that my body cannot tolerate any of these foods. This is why your Dr. is incorrect in saying you do not need to test. Now if you test and do not act on the tests they are in fact a waste of time and money, but if you use frequent testing to learn your body's reaction to various foods and modify your diet accordingly, they are invaluable. I would advise testing 2 hrs after a low carb meal, just meat or fish and non starchy veggies, and see if this helps. My goal is to never go over 140 (7.8)

Most dieticians will tell you eating low carb is dangerous, but there are many studies refuting their arguments. In the end you have to educate yourself and then make a decision. If this change in diet works be prepared to not feel good at first, your body has become used to high blood sugar levels and it will take time to adjust. Adding extra salt can help you feel better because when you low carb your kidneys excrete more sodium and it must be replaced.

Here is a link to a UK low carb diabetes forum I spent some time there when first diagnosed and found lots of good information. They may be more helpful in navigating your UK health system than I could be.

Another helpful site would be the Low Carb Dieticians blog. Her posts are well written and well researched. She recently did an interview here on tuD you might be interested in.

Thanks for your reply and helpfull infomasion i will take your advice,i must admit i wish we all sang from the same hymm sheet as regards countrys we live in thanks again .