My New CozMore is on its way!

Previously used Animas 1250 for the last four years which treated me very well but it was time to upgrade.

Did my due diligence and had all the major pump companies visit with me and give me a product presentation of their respective pump offerings.

And I finally ending up selecting the 1800 version CozMore Insulin Pump.

Came down to features and benefits and the Cozmo won out!

Congrats, Bo! I got my Cozmo 1800 in July and have been extremely happy with it. I wish you the best of luck!

You will love your pump. I also have the Cozmo 1800.

Thanks Melissa! Am looking forward to all the features and benfits that are available to me for sure! I feel better knowing that you love it as well!

Thanks Unicornzzz, really did my homework on this pump, hopefully I will share your happines with this one as well!


I do hope your son is doing well, Anything I can do to make my diabetes management a little easier for myself i try to do. Ethusiam is key to one’s success! Thanks for your very kind response!