I got my Cozmo pump!

It’s amazing! I had the minimed paradigm for about 6yrs ish. Ive had the Cozmo for a few days and my blood sugars are already way better. I really like the food choices on it and the reminders, and the water proofing. I swim a lot indoors and it hasn’t gotten messed up or anything. It’s so great! I’m so happy!! I haven’t used the monitor that goes on it yet, but I will get to that later lol.

Congrats, Kayla!!

I owe you the cards: haven’t forgotten them! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Kayla! I was going to go with the Cozmo but I had some concerns about it.After my research I decided to go with the Animas 2020.I liked the looks of the screen and the small increments will make it easier to fine tune my sugars.You sound very excited and I can’t blame you.I am extremely excited.I just sent the form today to Animas.They have to do a credit check on my account.So far my experiences have been very positive.