My New Low Symptoms Scare Me

I have had type 1 diabetes for about a billion years now (12) and something has changed in my low symptoms recently. My symptoms have changed over the years but now they are more dramatic and scare me.
Up until now, when my blood sugar was low I would feel numb, or tingley. Now I have started twitching and yelling. I have spurts of anger and I scream at the top of my lungs. Not even words–just screaming. And on top of all of that, I have double vision.
What would cause such a strange, dramatic chang in symptoms? Even as I’m low I realize how unreasonable and crazy these symptoms are, but I can’t stop them. It’s terrifying.

OMG…that is a dramatic change. I would let your Doc know…maybe a neurologist too?? Maybe the lows are affecting something else that is causing this? I would take it seriously…as I am sure you are and make the docs run tests to make sure you are ok and it is just the lows… keep us posted.

My low symptoms have changed over the year. It’s possible that you’re becoming hypo unaware and your symptoms aren’t becoming obvious until you’re much lower. The brain really likes glucose and when it’s low, it’s not happy. I haven’t done the screaming but I move my arms or make exaggerated movements. Twelve years is a good long time. Test more frequently until you’ve got a handle on it. Or, the best option, get a CGM. I got one because of the unawareness. I’ve had some pretty personally terrifying lows so I really understand what you’re talking about.

For me those are signs of extremely low bg. And happen only very rarely.

My interpretation is that my bg is so low, that parts of my brain and nervous system are shutting down and not working right anymore.

It is very disconcerting when I’m still vaguely conscious yet my arms or legs are randomly doing things and not cooperating. Very very disconcerting.

The reason I think is a loss of hypo awareness at the early stages. Working to keep hypo awareness is an ongoing task. One thing that really destroys my hypo awareness, is to run a string of hypos on consecutive days.

The way to bring hypo awareness back, is to run higher bg’s and never go low for a while.

I too have had symptoms change over the years. i have had T1 for 50 years. I have been told that our adrenaline system changes its cues when one symptom is exhausted it goes to another. The unawareness is part of it. Almost like our autonomic system takes hold. Have you discussed it with your endo? Every time my symptoms change it makes me want to get more in touch with being in tune, which makes me try harder to have better numbers, by using my pump. The next step is a CGM. The double vision is something I had. The screaming I have not. I go the other way and can’t speak. All comes down to our brain stem and oxygen to the brain at that moment in time. I know the terror. You are doing the right thing by talking about it and getting answers