My one year of diabetes is comming up =/

im getting really sad just thinking about it, its on the 14th of november (national diabetes day). But I cant stop thinking that, what if I didnt have this? everything would be different. Maybe better? maybe not?. I forgot what its like to be a normal teenager. Running into the kitchen as soon as mom got home from costco so I could eat all the food, being able to ‘party’ being able to be with my friends and not feeling left out. I dont like this. I feel im getting really good with diabetes, Im pro at carb counting and come on, Im better with needles than a heroin addict. I just with I was a normal teen sometimes. =/. I know everyone on this site feels the exact same way, im not trying to complain and be like boo me. but I think its just my one year comming up and its pretty emotional. =/

Hey Kenny,

don’t apologize, we all need time to vent. We all have those days…sometimes I have a moment or two like that everyday. It is only natural.

That is what TuDiabetes is for…a forum where you can express your feelings and we understand.

As time goes on you will be able to juggle the life of a diabetic better and better. Don’t sweat it. You can be a normal teen…it just takes more planning…and I feel you on this one. I hate to stop, check my bg, bolus just to have a piece of birthday cake , schedule a dinner outing, or plan my night around a concert.

It’s ok to feel the way you do, just don’t let it take over. 8)

The venting is healthy as Preta said. Congrats on being a diabetic who has a good control over things. Look how far you have come in just a year. Try to focus on the positive things. How friends and family support you. How making the changes you have made although not easy have worked out. I am headed down the road you are already on to good control and good health. I made some of those changed while moving from NJ to St. Louis being married about 6 weeks and buying a new house. Yes we all stumble sometimes big sometimes small. I am counting carbs and yesterday went low before dinner only to find out the lunch I had had a different type of wheat bread that had less carbs. Good luck and keep on smiling. You have accomplished a lot in a year!!!

Hey kid keep your head up! One year bro that’s a big accomplishment, so congrats!

Oh and I don’t know if you knew this…but you are a 100% completely normal teen. Just like I’m a 100% completely normal…well…maybe not 100%…

Anyways, once you understand that diabetes doesn’t own you, then you can enjoy your life as much as you want.

Don’t ever let this Type-1 bull$hit disease change your attitude about life or your ability to enjoy it. Your life is just beginning man so enjoy the ride. Anytime you got issues with diabetes, just come back to the site and we’ll listen.

Hi Kenny,
Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. That is so cool that you have things under such good control. And don’t ever feel bad about venting. We all do it and need it.
There is something that you can do (if you want to) that a lot of other teens cannot do very well. And i am going to ask you for that favor right now. I have a friend from Sweden that is a member on here. He has a bit of a hard time handling his diabetes, checking and shooting there at school. He is studying a lot of languages. I was wondering if you might like to talk to him and help him out or maybe understand some guy things that teens go through. He is a totally cool person that i am really enjoying talking to and you sound so much like he does. Please don’t feel obligated to talk to him. I won’t give out your name unless you tell me to do so.
You just sound like a terrific person Kenny and i am sorry i haven’t talked to you before now My friend doesn’t understand much about counting carbs or have much access to a lot of things we do. You are incredible for being in such good control. And thanks for listening to my request. My best to you.

We all have bad days ! that’s normal. I just celabrated 1yr. as a diabetic . Yah , I was bumed out at first but then I saw it as a chance to take charge of my life. It’s a chance to coose a healthy life style.

What’s a normal teen ? Normal is what you make it to be. I no it doesn’t help much but theres other a lot worse off.
My daughter has Crohns disease and she would gladly trade places with us.
I always try to remember;“I wept because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet.”