My pump arrived today :)

They (MM people I guess) called me on Wednesday and said that they were shipping it and it should get to me on Monday. Well it is here today and I’m so excited, I just keep looking at it. It is not clear like I thought it would be, it is smoke (black)but I like that color too. I have no idea when I start but I’m just excited to have it. It is so funny, isn’t it, that insurance pays for a $6000 or $7000 insulin pump and CGMS sensors, but NOT a $20 inserter. I find that very ammusing. OH well. That is ok. Now I need to name my pump,because that is what I do apparently. I just keep staring at my pump and taking it out/putting it in the box. I literally sat there for 2 hours just looking and reading up on my pump.

Any advice for a newbie pumper?

Don’t get discouraged if at first it doesn’t give you the results you think it should and don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed with all the “techy” stuff that goes with having a pump. I would also (if you haven’t already) invest in a carb counter book - Calorie King is a good one. That’s what I use. You can order from their website or I got mine from Barnes and Noble for like $8.

I’ve had an insulin pump for about 3 years now and cannot imagine having to go without it. Good luck with your new “friend”!