New Pump!

Just wanted to share that I got hooked up to my new pink Ping today! I'm really excited, since I'm graduating from the MiniMed 508 I got back in 1999.

The training was really easy, and the lady who did it was super nice. I can already tell that this is going to make a world of difference for me.

If I could only figure out how to get a song other than that Beethoven tune. . .

I'd decided to name my new pump Chandler, as I'm a big fan of Friends, but it wasn't until later that I realized I'd been accidentally clever. . .so now I'm spending my days with Chandler Ping. :0)

Congrats on the new pump! The ezmanager software let's you make your own tunes and upload them to your pump.

Oh, excellent. Thanks! I actually just ordered an external CD drive for my little netbook so I can download all the software they sent me.

Keep us informed Sarah. My endo has signed the DME order and I'm waiting, waiting, waiting to hear when I can expect mine. Very hopeful of improvement from the MDI routine.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

The best thing about this pump, I think, is the lack of math. Before, I had to count the carbs, and then figure out the ratio, and put it all in the calculator, and then figure out how much I needed to take my blood sugar down to my target. . .and today, for the first time, I put what I was eating and what my blood sugar was into the meter-remote, and it just did it all for me. Amazing.

I'm excited for you, that you're one step closer to getting hooked up. It'll change your life, and I don't even mean that as an over-exaggeration.

Congratulations! I have my training to get hooked to my pink ping on Wednesday, hopefully it goes as smoothly as your did.

That and I have a different ratio for each meal of the day! To say the least, I have to keep my wits about myself to have a chance of getting it right.

All the best to you Sarah.

Yay! Congratulations!

I got my Green Ping on Tuesday. It's been good so far. Hope it works out for you as well.

To get rid of Fur Elise, you need to download EZ Manager from the internet or from Animas. There is a page there that allows you add whatever you would like, and even a piano application that lets you write the music for the tones of your choice. You need the app from Animas, because you need the dongle to do the upload into your pump.

I have a degree in music and hated that tune from the start. I couldn't wait to get rid of it. I have a couple of tunes, one from a Bach motet and my reminder tune is "If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments" by Thomas Tallis. Funny thing, in a choir rehearsal one evening, it went off. We were stopped, and the director stopped what he was saying and asked: "Did I just hears someone's phone play 'If Ye Love Me'?'

I hope you love your Ping and it is as life-changing as mine has been.

I will be getting my pink Ping tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting my blood sugars under control. I am excited about having a support group that I can connect with for questions and ideas. I do not know any Type 1 diabetics. It's great to dialog with people that truly understand. Do most people give their pump a name?

I got mine today!!! I am still surrounded by packaging as I type this and not 100% convinced about this plasticky purple "skin" they sent me... but i got the black one so I wanted to spice it up. :/

Hope you are doing great with your pump. I am scheduled for my pump training tomorrow. I find I am very nervous. Just afraid I will be overwhelmed. Would love to get support and be able to share and receive and give encouragement. I do know any Type 1 diabetics so I would really appreciate any help you can give. Thanks, Barbara

I think the greatest encouragement I can give is the A1c numbers I got from my doctor's office yesterday. Three months ago, I was at 10.2, and the number from yesterday was 7.7!

The pump's not a magic cure, you have to work at it, but it can help you do a lot.

How are the first few hours of pumping going, Barbara? I remember when I got mine, I kept thinking that I should be taking a shot. I also thought i would be sick from either being high or low, because the initial calculations would be off. I remember being at choir rehearsal that evening and feeling better than I dad in weeks.

I hope yours is going as well. If you need anything, holler, and keep in touch. Let us know how things are going.

Be well.

Brian Wittman

You are doing well, Sarah. I knew you would. Keep it up!

Brian Wittman

Thanks for thinking of me. One of the things I'm worried about is taking my nightly shot of Lantis! I've been in the habit of taking my Lantis before going to bed. I have to get used to always having the pump on me. I know that once I see results, everything's worth it! I had a low blood sugar early this morning. They think I may have had some Lantis left in my system. I worried also about the initial calculations being off. Several hours after I started the pump, I thought I felt more energy but it had to be my imagination because it was too soon to make a real difference. I guess it's not since you had a similar experiencel. I'm going to a wedding the beginning of July and I have to figure out what to do with the pump as I'm wearing a dress without pockets. That will be a challenge. How long have you been pumping?

My AC1 numbers run between 10 and 11. This is great encouragment. Thank you!

Congrats to You and Chandler, SarahB . I'm just wondering how you as a new user really likes your Ping . I myself am going to be "hooked up" on the 24 of this month (7-24-2012) and have been studying so I know as much as possible about the pump. Again , Congrats to You. Roger M

I LOVE the Ping. Love it.

The only two problems of note I've come across are that I once got my arm caught in the tubing and pulled it right out (which, you know, was my fault, but at least it didn't hurt like the Medtronic did!) and something I find irritating, which is, if your inactivity alarm goes off (you can set it to give you an alarm and to stop giving you insulin if you haven't pressed any buttons in x-amount of time) it also, for some reason, un-primes it? Meaning, you have to go back in and re-prime.

It only takes an extra unit, but that seems sort of like a design flaw.

Everything else has been awesome. I'm very happy with my decision.