My pump makes me a cyborg

…and I feel like that makes me interesting.

I am Cara…iRobot. :slight_smile: I have a pump and CGMS. :slight_smile:

Yes even more interesting if you use CGM, tubes and sensors all kinds of fun stuff!! In our diabetic world it is a norm and hopefully we live longer and have better BG values to show for looking like a cyborg!!

My Doctor always makes fun of me, I normally have my pump, mp3 player, and cell phone attached to my waist band and then I have the infusion set and cgms in.

Thank god I married a sci-fi geek he thinks it’s sexy! haha

And I was hoping to be a cyborg. We are working on a pacer for me and after we get that one fixed maybe a pump. My brother -in-law (a type 1 and a sci-fi geek who loves his gadgets) says he is going to make me a remote control for the pacer and when he has trouble with his truck on the cold mornings he can just call me up and get a jump start on it. And one of my grand daughters who runs cross country track says i have to be in the bleachers when she is running at meets so she can wave at me when she needs a boost. I am supposed to give her a thumbs up and push my buttons so she will be able to run faster. And my brother-in-law says when I get my pump he can call and find out what the setting is for the day so he can run better. I know it is all just good teasing, but it makes me feel happy to know that whatever we need to do for ourselves we can get good cooperation and loving support. Yes, we may run a little differently, but as David says it makes us healthier

… I always wanted to be bionic … I guess now I am with my little beeping machine … not your run of the mill girl next door!!!

I am getting a CGMS and a pump at the same time…I will be wired for sound…I will have an ipod,OmniPod,cellphone, and Freestyle Navigator CGMS I will be interesting…I should be in excellent control…

LOL! That was a great post, sandra. Thank you…BTW, I was wondering if I could light a cigarette off it…:slight_smile:

I’m so glad you are feeling well. Give me notice when you go in for pace so i can put a good word in for you with “tha Man”

Way Cool !!!

I would love to Danny. And i am not at all sure I can light anything for you, but I bet if we worked on it a bit I could catch you at fifty paces. It would sure be worth a fun try. UH>>> you might have to run a little slow for me in the beginning, but once we got this pacer running right I bet we could run then. I am so glad to have you laughing with me Danny. I do feel better and you sure make me smile. Thank you.

Thats one of the main reasons I wanted a pump when I first heard they were available for me.

I’m such a geek :P.

I too am a cyborg (and a geek). I have a medtronic ICD (pacemaker/defibrillator) in my chest, a minimed 722 clipped to my pants (or my jammies). An iPhone in my purse, a Mac on my desk, and an iPod in my pocket. I’m contemplating a CGMS as my next investment.

Heck I even take my laptop with me to dr’s appointments and I spend so much time at my GP’s office that he gave me access to his wireless. Helps that my best friends does his computer tech support, so I sit in his office and play on the laptop. He thinks I am sick if I am not “wired.”