I got my cgm! :d

Sorry to scream…but I just can’t help it :wink:

I just got my package today… boxes full of sensors, a CGM and my new pump to go with. My Dr. appointment is next week to get all hooked up. I never thought this day would come!

p.s. my insurance company covered it 100%…who would have thought…6 months ago, I was told I had the worst insurance possible for chances of getting it covered.

That ROCKS, Trista. What brand is it?


Congrats that is AWESOME!


Thanks everyone…I’m so excited and my family is happy for me, but they aren’t super excited like me…I knew my peeps here at Tudiabetes would get excited for me :wink: haha

Congrats! You’ll have to keep us posted

Grats! It will change your life almost as much as moving from injections to a pump. I couldn’t wait for the appointment and just read the instructions and did it myself.

What brand is it?

That is FANTASTIC!!! I am excited for you!

It’s medtronic

Wonderful …can soooo identify with your excitement …love it :slight_smile:

Congratulations!!! I can relate with how excited u r!!! I just got my mini med and I'm very excited!! Let us know how ur doing! I'm waiting for my CGM, so I'm very interested in ur experience.

I am so jealous! We are still doing paperwork and paperwork and more paperwork toward getting mine approved by Medicaid. It's long journey, but at least I have a CDE and Medtronic rep who are actively working on getting me one. I did, however, get my new insulin pump (after 6 years with the old one) on Wednesday. Since it is a little different model and there have been settings tweeked since I got my last one, I will be reading and watching everything this weekend so I can start using it by Sunday night. Yippee!

I can relate, Skinny type-1!!! I'm in my first appeal to my insurance co. Despite documnetation to the contrary, the ins co in their infinite wisdom said my blood glucose wasn't bad enough to get the CGM. They recommended just continuing to do finger sticks or pay out of pocket!! Good luck getting urs!!! I hope it comes soon!!!!


I think this go around I am feeling a bit more patient that I was when trying to get my first pump. THAT only took 15 years! LOL Seriously, it did. My doctor would submit a request every year with documentation of the number of admissions and their costs--totaled for the whole year! It would show that (at that time) the cost of the pump was $5,000 and my hospitalizations would range anywhere from $15,000 to over $30,000 each year. (I was very, very brittle back then due to non-compliance and/or the plain and simple fact that gastroparesis had begun and so no ideas as to when or if food would digest.) Well, after 15 years they agreed that paying $3,000 for a pump was more cost efficient than the nearly $400,000 they had paid for admissions. Go figure! hahaha So, I was told that Medicare and Medicaid do not even have a code number for the CGM in their computer system yet, so it takes a LOT of jumping through hoops to get one approved at all. See---I better just be patient---or loose my mind! ;-)

I think Medtronic is absolutely amazing working with to get things pre-authorized and approved as quickly as possible. I emailed on Sunday night, just INQUIRING at that point, cause my endo kept dragging his heels. And my deductible had already been met and it was nearing the end of the year. (I can't blame him TOO much...I was only about 6 months into seeing him, coming in having been pretty much non-compliant in the past) but I emailed medtronic just inquiring what my responsibility would be. By Monday, I received a call from a rep, asking getting all my Insurance info, and by Wednesday I was approved. Crazy how fast it happened, lol.

True...they ARE amazing to work with. When I received my first pump from Medtronic, I think my endo's office figured I didn't need to be trained since I had been using a pump for about 5 years (can't even remember which brand...lol). However, when I moved a couple years later and went to a new endo, his CDE went absolutely nuts! She immediately scheduled someone from Medtronic to come and train me personally. There were so many features I had no idea were even there to use. Like the "wave" boluses. Over the next 10 years they have been lifesavers for me with the gastroparesis as bad as it got before the surgery. Without them, I would have been lost. Now?? Wow!!! The reps I have here and back at the main office are wonderful! Within 2 weeks I had received a new pump and am on the way toward getting better control! Yippee!

Congrads - I got my 1st cgm (dexcom 4) about 3 months ago and it changed my life. Hope it is everything you hope it will be