My pump sites keep failing

so i have the medtronic 670g pump and I’ve been on medtronic pumps since i was around 7 (i’m 19 now). last night i had to change my site so i did and every site i tried to put on failed and came with the insulin flow blocked error. i even tried putting it on my outer thigh (there’s no scar tissue there because ive never used it before.) i called medtronic for help and nothing really got solved, i was just told to put on a new site where there arent any scars… almost all of the space i can use on my body have scar tissue/stretch marks/etc. idk what to do at this point. ive gone through 8 sites in the last 13 hours

I had this same problem when I was your age. I don’t know what your weight is like but I was very thin.
The cannula would butt up against muscle and bend or clog it.
Also your skin is thicker at your age.

I solved the problem by getting the silhouette infusion sets. The ones you can put in manually. Instead of putting it in at a 90 degree angle, I put them in on a steep angle almost parallel to my skin.
This prevents hitting muscle and gives more room for absorption.
I still use similar sets with the same technique even tho I have a little more fat on me than I did back then.

Buy in used to it and it has worked for many years.
You could likely get a few samples from your Medtronic trainer.
At least give it a try

im a little on the chubby side… i talked with my endo and we both decided its scar tissue. luckily my omnipod is coming later this week! im very relieved. done w medtronic man. been on medtronic devices ever since i was on a pump n im just over it

You will more site options with the pods, but you will have the same scarring issues probably. My sites get inflamed, pretty much all brands do the same thing.
Good luck with it. I hope it works out well

Donnie - hopefully the omnipod works out for you. If not here is an article from Ginger Viera on afrezza. It is a totally different alternative to think about. It was FDA approved 8 years ago but it is finally starting to pick up a following with T1s.

Your 100% certain the insulin didn’t go bad? Did you have success from manual injection? If not, its the insulin. Its been hot all over the country, so I gotta check.

BTW, I used to think I had pump failures due to scar tissue all the time on a MT pump. But, the cannula and pump just had a high incidence of failure. I know that because I have had no difficulty on an Omipod pump. People on MT pumps tend to have this complaint commonly. I don’t think its them - its the pump. I was just talking about this with a MT pump user at work the other week.

I don’t think you know, for sure, that it is scar tissue, until you try another pump.