My sisters random check?

Hi :slight_smile: I just had a question. One day after my sister had come to our house from work (she had been cleaning a friends house) to pick up her two little boys we had been watching I decided to test her as she thought she felt a little funny. I thought about making sure she had clean hands but figured she had washed then since she’d been working. The first test said 218 which scared us so I tested her again with my current tester and it said 103. She said then when I asked that she had NOT washed her hands since she was home. I knew right away that since she had been eating a little 103 was great but not 218!!! My question is were unwashed hands enough to cause such a high number? Thanks a million for your answers, I’m kinda worried!!

Depending on what was on her hands, yes, this can definitely show a false high. If she had touched food, had lotion on her hands, these would effect the reading.

Yes, unwashed hands are enough to cause this. You should try to test her again sometime.

Thanks Gerri and kristen! Yeah Kristen I told her I want to sometime, it’s just a bit hard to do a fasting test on her since she dosen’t live here and I don’t think it would work to give her a tester and tell her to do it cause she really doesn’t like it! Silly, I know!!

Even if you can’t do a fasting test, you can do a test after she has not eaten for 3-4 hours. Her blood sugar should return to normal then too.

Take care!