My squeemish boyfriend is learning how to give me a shot tonight!

So tonight, my boyfriend of two years, the man I’m going to grow old with, is going to give me a shot for the first time ever and he’s terrifiiiied of needles. He can’t even stand beside me while I’m getting my blood drawn… but I’m sure he’ll do great! Anyone else have a significant other that is pretty squeemish when it comes to this stuff? He’s pretty nervous. Wish us luck!

God bless him for trying. My husband does not like to watch me. Wants me to teach him but he hardly has the stamina for learning about it. I took a guide of hyper and hypo glycemia and posted on the fridge for his reference. He is getting better about it. He is just not completely adjusted to it yet.

When my Endo brought up getting a glucagon kit I just laughed and said there’s no way my wife could give me the injection and told her that I’ve just instructed my wife to call 911 if I’m unresponsive. She doesn’t even like it when I talk about injections.

good for him! i can give myself shots but giving to someone else give me the shivers! i cant even watch when the vet vaccinates my dog.

i am such a control freak now about shots on myself thought. i went to get my flu shot and the nurse was coming up to me with the shot and i kept backing away. i dont want anyone giving me shots but me! a couple of summers ago i spent time at my mothers house. shed been a nurse before retirement and offered to do all my shots that month so i didnt have to do them. oh god no, no thanks!

Just let him know when to NOT give you a shot. Personally, I tell people to NEVER touch the syringes or the insulin bottle, but I also tell them how to use the glucagon kit. If you ever passed out and he gave you insulin....Just speaking from personal experience. Wish you the best.

I am proud of you and your boyfriend. I married my wife decades ago before D and unfortunately my wife has not been very supportive of my health. She refuses to learn to give me a shot and leaves everything up to me. One of the few times I brought her along to a doctors appointment the only thing she brought up to the doctor was to ask her to tell me not to inject through my clothes. Of course my endo turned to me and in a sarcastic voice told me "Don't inject through your clothes."

Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper.

Is there a reason you're having him do it? It's never really crossed my mind to ask my husband to do anything re my D other than know signs of hypoglycemia in the rare event I need his help. It's a testament to your relationship that he's willing to go outside his comfort zone to do something that's important to you.

Totally! We’ve had that conversation before, it would be soooo scary to be low already and then he just gives me more insulin… I can’t even imagine. He definitely knows that if I’m unconscious he’s to check my pulse, and make sure I’m breathing, and then check my blood sugar before doing anything

I’m kind of a bad Diabetic… I only do shots in my stomach, I do it all over my stomach but only there, so he just wants me to be able to give my tummy a break sometimes. And I also worry about like when I get pregnant, I think I’d feel uncomfortable doing shots in my stomach so we talked about him doing my shots during my pregnancies. I feel like it’s gonna be a bit of a load off of me to have someone else poke me sometimes

I’m the exact same way haha, I can give myself shots no problem, but giving them to someone else is the worst. It’s funny, he actually just gave me a shot and he did sooo good, I was shocked, I was the one freaking out the whole time lol

I haven't ever gotten one from anyone else. Once I was in a band and we went to get junk food at like 2:00 AM and I wanted a burger, BG was 200 so I figured I'd IV a couple of units to smooth things out and the drummer got a load of that and got quite pale and had to look away. Which led the bass player, a psychiatrist, to make fun of him. I figure that some people have a hard time with it and try to take it easy on them.

Raven, learn and practice on your thighs. They're a really good site, easy to get to in virtually any situation (inject through clothing if necessary).


You know I've been experimenting with IM... I don't have the stones to do an IV injection. Thinking about corrections, on the other hand -- hmmmmmm......

For some reason I’m so scared to do a shot in the thigh. I’ve only done it once and it hurt kinda bad… I’m a whimp :confused:

I'm thin and use the pinch method on my thigh and I find that it's less painful for me. I'd give it another shot (pun intended) it might have been one of those 1 in 100 things for you.