My Story

On March 13th 2008, I went to the hospital in Biloxi Mississippi. My
sugar was 528. I was told that I was type 2 diabetic. I was given some
pills to take, told to check my blood sugar at meal times and eat good.
That was all. Nothing else. So I did all of this up until June of 2009. Things went well.
About three month or so before June 2009 i was having problems with my sugars
and was not feeling good. I had to pee and was thirsty all the time again.
Plus I was lost weight and was tried all the time as well. So on June
1st i had a Dr’s appointment. I went in and told her what was all
going on. Her reply was ““We you don’t really fit the criteria of type 2.
But make a appointment to see this Dr in two weeks.” ”And sent me off.
Not even a week later. On 12th I got up and had the
feeling of throwing up. So I went to in the bathroom and just sat on the
floor for about an hour. After that I went and layed on the couch and
was there all day. By the end of the day was so tired, my heart was just
pounding. Felt like I ran miles. Which didn’t make sense when all I did
all day was laying on the couch.
By the the end of the night I told my mom that I needed to go to the
hospital. She took me to the emergency room and I got in pretty quick.My
blood sugar this time was 415. Not as high as it was the first time I
was in the hospital, but high enough. I was seen by the ER Dr. and was
told that I had Ketoacidosis and that my organs were shutting down. I
ended up staying in there for five days.

It is incredible how many case go misdiagnosed still. I am glad you got the the ER on time, but so sorry you had to go through all of that.

Jees, scary, DKA is awful, I’ve had it several times, how are you now? Have they re-examined you? lou x

I don’t know what to say other than be pro-active from here on in and do you research …when I was misdiagnosed 26 plus years ago : no websites, no computers , no…however it is available to you and me today and use it …be well Lizzie

Hope you are doing ok now. How are you???
Reading your post gave me flashbacks of my own experience w/ DKA. Very scary.

I don’t understand why, if you didn’t fit the criteria for type 2 but more for type 1, they would check it out in a couple of weeks. How about immediately? This was not right.

Thank you! I’m feeling much better now. My sugars are still a little crazy. Last three days, they have been in the 200’s to 100’s. With only one 300 mixed in. Much better then having 500 to 100. I have my next DR appointment next Tuesday and I see the dietitian on Monday. Tomorrow is one month that i have been giving myself insulin. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope things get better for you. Sometimes it seems you have to push the doctors for action. Keep testing and arm yourself with information. This is a good place to get information.

take care and hope sugars get better

Lizzie I really hope you are feeling better now. I was diagnosed with DKA too the very first time I knew I was diebetic. Having all the symptoms you had and was under weight. The feeling indeed was horrible. I pray you will not experience that again. Im type 2 and was also prescribed pills. It is really very important to test, test and test. I thank God everyday that through consistent diet and exercise, I have been blessed with controlled blood sugar level. Be strong Lizzie.