so about two weeks ago i went into DKA. I was admitted into the hospital on thursday and well it sucked. i honestly don’t remember much about the first 24 hours. I remember my boyfriend carrying me to the car and then putting me in a wheel chair and taking me into the ER. Then i remember waking up in a white room with a bright light on above my bed. I guess i passed out at some point. The doctor came in and told me that my blood sugar was at 902 and that i was damn near coma and that my body was trying to shut down. like i said i don’t remember much of the first day so i don’t know what all was done but i do know that this is the second time i have had DKA. the first time was when i was diagnosed 6 years ago at 13.
I am so thankful for my boyfriend Michael. If it wasn’t for him coming home on lunch i would of probably been even worse than i was. He told me that when he came into the house that i was passed out on the chair (which he knows i never do because i can’t sleep sitting up EVER) so he checked my sugar and when my monitor read HI he knew that it was bad.
I can admit that i knew my sugars were getting WAY out of control but i was trying to fix everything myself. and i thought i was getting it back to right but i guess i was way off on that one. Normally when i have HI sugars that last more than a day or two i will ask my mom or boyfriend (whoever i am around at the time) to help me get control back. but this time i didn’t. i thought that maybe for once i should try and do this on my own. Neiher my mom or Mike hve a problem helping me out when i need it. They know that sometimes i want to just give up and be “normal” for a day or two. and that day or two is when i need them the most. thats when i need osmeone to help me get my head back on straight. but like i said i wanted to this one on my own and well i should of asked for help. because the end result was worse than i ever imagined it would be.

i really have been working my hardest for about two weeks now to keep the control to a regular level but i still feel kinda run down from the DKA. it is hard and being a diabetic is hard but its not impossible and i know that i have the strength to do it. and i have the support from my friends on TuD, my friends here at home, my family, and my wonderful Boyfriend who i owe my life to.

Just dust yourself off and start fresh. We all make mistakes and just need to try and learn from them. Ask for help when you feel that you need it, they love you and want to be there for you…let them, please.
I am glad you pulled through. Please take care and know that you have others here as well to help if you ever need it.

I’m glad you’re ok now. My husband saved my life when I went into DKA. Was the worst & scariest experience for both of us. Tim carried me to car & drove like a maniac to the hospital. I was in & out of it with a BG of 809. When I left the hospital, I promised myself that I’d do whatever it took to never feel that way again.

Mike is a good man!

Does take a while to recover from DKA, so please take care of yourself.