So, i guess i'll tell my story

So, on Feb 25, 1998 I went in to be tested for all sorts of things, deep down, my mom thought i was bulimic, becuz of the weight loss. We left the drs. went to roy rogers for a large oreo milkshake…o how i miss those…and headed home. They called my house 7 times before i made the 8 mile trip home and said get her to the ER right away. I felt fine, just hungry and thirsty alot. Come to find out my BS was a whopping 1300. I spent my 15th Bday in ICU, they even sang me happy bday with a cake and all and then took it away, thanks right? And you all understand the rest from there…I spent weeks in and out of the hospital the first few years. Have never had good control over the last 10 years. EXCEPT for while i was pregnant, weird. My high school sweetheart and I found out we were surprisingly expecting in 2003, with my a1c at 9. oh no! But much to our surprise, my son came 4 weeks early, weighing in at a healthy 10 pounds! Hes so perfect we got so lucky. During Pregnancy i was around a 5.5…oh how i miss those bs’s!!! Since I’m back up to the 9’s and the 13’s…I’d like to get, or try to, get pregnant again, tho i need my a1c to be around a 7-7.5…I’ve been on a minimed insulin pump since my senior year in hs (2001) and have been back and forth on liking and not liking it so much…but before i was up to shots of humalog every 2 hrs…i’m allergic to the adhesive on the tape so that too has been a blast! ha! I’m the only person in my family with diabetes so no one truly understands. I’m looking forward to comparing notes with some of you, and being that “ear” to listen when its time for you to vent too! Cheers to a good year and even better BS’s!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome Rachael! this is a fantastic site and is so full of support!! I like your story echos a LOT of us here, including mine. It has been very hard for me to get myself under control, but I am doing it…slowly, and one step at a time. You can do it, too, and we are all here to help. If you ever want to chat privately feel free to email me at!