My try of Afrezza

Ok so I got my trials boxes of Afrezza from my new and awesome Dr. yesterday. I was very excited to try it but have been left disappointed so far. I was hoping for magic like Sam19 but seems it not working well for me so far.

Afreeza Log

Testing the correction action of it.
4:45pm 200 BS
4:45 took two 4 unit cartridges
5:10 176
5:26 160
5:55 107
Sip of wine
6:35 125
6:43 Took 5 units novolog cause I didnt have time to check BS that often after eating dinner.
9:06 175 (not enough novolog I guess)

8:20am 133 BS
Started eating donuts cause I couldnt wait.
8:35am 158 BS, took two 4 unit cartridges
Ate 1 donut and coffee with 15g sugar
9:54 283 NOT what I’d hoped for!
8u Novolog correction

:frowning: Very disappointed. Will retest and try to take it before eating and wo coffee. I have stomach distress when drinking coffee due to the acid so I’m wondering if that plays into. I am going to cut out coffee for a week (if i can) and try it again.

In perspective, this doesn’t really sound surprising. I know of no diabetes therapy—none!—that is universally efficacious for everyone. Individual physiologies just vary too widely. Example: humalog does a great job for millions of people. It does nothing for me. I mean that literally: nothing. May as well be a placebo.

You’re approaching this exactly the right way, trying to isolate as many variables as you can and not giving up after one experience. Give it a thorough trial. The problems may resolve . . . or they may not. Be ready to deal accordingly either way.

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What happened at 6:43? Why’d you take 5u of novolog? Is that before you ate dinner? I don’t understand what you mean with that one or what happened there.

Don’t eat donuts.

You will always end up taking more afrezza “units” than you’d have taken for the same food.

If you’re using all 4u cartridges-- you’ll use a lot of them, but will have added flexibility with timing being able to take a second dose later. If I’m eating nasty food I’ll often take an 8u 20 minutes after I start eating, and if my bg is elevated at all at the 1 hour mark, I’ll puff a 4 at that time.

I time everything with the dive timer on my watch. Set it to zero when I start eating.

Don’t get frustrated it’s a brand new thing to you and takes some figuring out.

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For me, this would have effectively equaled no bolus at all with afrezza for the last donut and coffee… I absolutely have to bolus 20-30 minutes after I eat and sometimes follow up even later than that. It’s not like injected bolus with 30-45 minutes of slop in it… Timing is everything…

Also— if you’re eating things like donuts and coffee with sugar in it, based on your previous comment to me that our numbers are very similar— you’re going to need larger doses of afrezza

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haha i like your comment, “dont eat donuts”. Thats the whole point of using this miracle drug! :slight_smile: I could have controlled this with novolog as long as I pre-bolused so surprised an 8 wouldnt handle one donut and coffee.

So you’re saying an 8 wouldn’t handle a cup of coffee and donut for you? I’ve seen your log it looks like it handles most everything so i had high expectation. I guess I’m not seeing the benefits for me if it wont handle my spikes.

The 6:43 was just my bolus for dinner.

4’s are all he gave me to try, good enough to test with. I think I’ll try 12 for next meal.

Allen, as Sam has said in his post above, give it more time.

From my perspective, your first try of Afrezza was very sucessful, you brought your BG level from 200 to 107 in about one hour. That’s pretty impressive already.

Afreeza Log

Testing the correction action of it.
4:45pm 200 BS
4:45 took two 4 unit cartridges
5:10 176
5:26 160
5:55 107

It often takes some time to dial in. See Jan’s tweets below, seems like her husband had some problems dialing in initially, but then he was able to have very good results.

Yeah i agree, and you dont know until you try. I dont have easy control even with novolog so i guess I shouldnt expect to match the success of Sam.

I am going to get my CGM up when it gets here then try again so I have an easier way to check my numbers.

I watched a video on LCHF last night (twice) that was really good and i am thinking of giving that a try as well after my Afrezza trial.

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Don’t be too quick to judge. You may well match his success with practice and experience. One of the reasons some people flock to Afrezza is because they aren’t happy with their existing control. Give it a good fair shot.

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Sam19 do you ever experience lows and if so how long do they last?

Thanks Charles that’s very encouraging. I will add follow her and see what I can learn. My idea was I could eat what I want basically but it seems that was a false assumption. :slight_smile:

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Allen, if you have not, you may take a look at the videos Matt B. uploaded on his Afrezza trials at:

It appears quite a few people have found the videos helpful to them in their understanding of the dosage and timing of Afrezza. See the post below (you will also note that the post indicated that the learning curve was quite tough as it requires a different mindset :slight_smile:):

Also, on your BG level running high, just for your consideration, could any of these contributed to the high to 283 (note, this is purely for discussion as I have no idea what actually caused the BG rise:slight_smile:):

For donuts and coffee (as compared with fatty foods), perhaps you can dose a little bit earlier (than 15 minutes after you started the meal)? Matt B. mentioned in his videos that he typically doses 10 minutes after he starts the meal, but for something like sugary breakfast cereal, he will dose when he starts eating.

Your starting level (the time when you took Afrezza) was relatively high (158)? This seems to indicate that your BG is already trending high when you take your dose. Per Matt. B, for him, this will require more dosage (than if his BG level is lower).

If the BG is high post meal, Al Mann suggested a follow-up does at around 50-60 minutes post meal. So perhaps a follow-up dose 30 minutes before your BG rose to 283 would have helped? Matt. B. mentioned something like a dose every forty five minutes if the BG level is elevated.

In addition to the donuts, could the coffee also be blamed partly for the BG rise?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you wrote in your log? I thought you meant that you “started eating donuts” and then 15 minutes later took 8u (so far so good)

But then after you took the afrezza ate another donut and had a girly coffee;). (That’s not gonna work if that’s what happened)

8u would probably cover sweetened coffee and donut in the afternoon or evening for me— I don’t even try to eat stuff like that early in the day.

I’m really not sure how much inhalation technique comes into play or not… To be sure though, I’d recommend you use it standing up-- facing strait ahead

Rarely… But not severe and they don’t last very long with afrezza at all… I can get a quick dip then a long climb following slow digesting higher fat foods if I don’t get the timing right.

I started eating the same donut, had a few bites, then finished it after i took the Afrezza. (had to wait 10 minutes for it to warm up is why)

I think technique is good since when i used it for a correction it came down correctly it seems. Standing, straight ahead.

I think basically I have too high of an expectation of it. I’m not insulin sensitive so i think I will need more as well.

You’ve only tried two doses… Give it a chance. It took years to learn the skill level with injected bolus that you’re comparing it to… Just remember once you get an idea how large of doses you’ll be needing, the timing is critical…

I couldn’t eat anything after I dosed it with the expectation that it would be covered at all… In sure we all digest foods differently, but figuring out how the timing works for you (which may be very different than me) will be the most important thing

Yeah i kinda used it as a correction dose (for the 158) and to cover the coffee and donut and on top of that took it 10 minutes after I ate.

Just thinking out loud here, and I’m certainly not done giving it a try nor am I saying Afrezza isnt great for some people but I guess I’m struggling with seeing the benefit of it right now. So even if it covers my food the same as novolog, whats the point? Its more of a pain that taking a shot which lasts four hours especially if I have to go take another 2nd or 3rd dose. Idk, I need to think about what i really want to get out of this medication over using novolog.

Yeah I’m not giving up and you’re right I’ve only tried two doses. :slight_smile: Diabetes is just frustrating and I guess I was hoping for a magic pill.

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It’s not a magic pill, but it’s made my life a hell of a lot easier… I still have problems with it, it’s not perfect. Diabetes is going to be frustrating no matter what…

The first few attempts I made with it I got lucky, which really amped up my enthusiasm, but I can sure imagine feeling bummed too if it had gone the other way.

If you’re not a low carb guy and aren’t super insulin sensitive, you’re probably going to need 8s at least…

Even moderate carb meals (like 30g early in the day) seem to require the 8s for me… I become quite a bit more insulin sensitive at night.

It’s not a magic pill but after you learn to use it I can’t even explain how liberating it is to just eat and then worry about the afrezza a little later instead of dicking around with prebolusing, planning out exactly how many carbs you’re gonna have way in advance etc— that’s a pain in the a$$-- and it was affecting my quality of life way too much. Afrezza is worth the effort to learn and get dialed in, it reopens the door to actually just living almost normal again.


Other advice id offer is when you want to learn afrezza, put the novolog away so that you’re not juggling the two… Even if that’s just one day or even one meal at a time. Although I eventually started combining the two sometimes, I think it would have made things really complicated and confusing at first . I understand in real life it’s easy to want to revert to what you’re familiar with when you have things to do and a life to live… Maybe try it on days you’re not at work a couple times when there’s less time- pressure or something…

Sounds like a lot of bs I realize… But I’m not kidding when I say it can be a really good thing when/ if it works the way you want it to

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There is a new updated website. I recommend its content and resources to everyone considering or has started Afrezza.

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