Taking the plunge with Afrezza

First meal with Afrezza. Ate 3 halibut tacos made with "carb balance" tortillas. These, in my experience are fairly slow digesting carbs. Also ate some broccoli. Added up the carbs at 26g (not sure that's a perfect count but its how I would have tallied it historically and dosed accordingly with novolog). I eat this often and usually have respectable results with novolog 3u for this meal. Inhaled 4u afrezza after the second taco, approximately 10 minutes after I started eating. No coughing, could feel it in my throat as I inhaled but it wasn't highly irritating by any means. I did not eat anything additional after dinner. Was not active after eating.

0m: 79
30m: 79
45m: 60
1h: 60
1:15: 69
1:30: 78
2:00 86

Looks like the insulin outran the food just a bit, but this is a whole lot better results than my first-ever dose of novolog was...


Watch out for those 3hr highs if you eat something more complex, but with that you are you're likely just fine :).

3:00: 102.

Looking great, Sam. Nice ride, first time out!

I just got 450 doses today, a 90-day supply. I was surprised to see it come packaged in a styrofoam cooler with cooling packs. I didn't realize that this stuff likes 36-46 degrees F for storage and room temperature no more than 10 days.

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yeah I haven’t quite figured out if I should be keeping opened blister packs in the fridge or not yet. Was also impressed with the drug info that was in the package. After all this debate on this forum about decreased lung function I was surprised to note that the PFT results were only decreased in 2.8% of afrezza users as compared to 1% using injected bolus… Less worried about that stuff now than ever

Unopened foil packs store until expiration

Opened foil packs are good for 10 days

Opened blister packs are good for 3 days.

So basically, once you take a sleeve out of the foil, use it within 10 days, and once you take a cartridge out of a blister pack, use the other two left in 3 days.

I think it says use in 72 hours once the blister pack is broken and also only dose at room temperature. I'm keeping about 6-9 doses at room temperature for my immediate supply.

The 10 days is how long its ok to keep at room temperature before its used... once u open the 3 dose blister pack it drops to 3 days.

That's right. 10 days at room temp for the sleeve of blisters, and once a blister is opened, it's 3 days at room temp.

beautiful numbers sam. i really hope it comes to spain soon, i would love to try it!
i hope you have continued success with it!

I am still amazed! GREAT! Sure beats my 233 this morning (air bubble how did you get there?)

Nice to see! I hope to see more and how it does with larger meals too.


Yeah, as I mentioned in another discussion the chief enemies of any chemical substance is storage is heat, light, and time, in that order.

All pharmaceuticals benefit from being refrigerated. Keeping your meds in the fridge will preserve their potency well beyond expiration, for most drugs.

Not only is the fridge cold, it's dark 99% of the time.

Two ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch on 2 different kinds of bread. 43g. Numbers speak for themselves. I would have taken 7u of novolog for this at lunch 20m prior.

0:00–80 start eating
0:10— take 8u afrezza
00:45-- 77
1:15-- 72
1:45 --91

I've forgotten what your baseline is, i.e. how tightly you could usually control on insulin, and what you look like without insulin. Would be a nice comparison.

These numbers are extraordinary, even on the low-end for a non-diabetic!

2:20 min up to 123…


I can control very tightly with novolog as well… But I end up devoting a lot of time, energy, and quality of life to it.

Without insulin those two sandwiches would have shot me to the stratosphere… Probably 500ish, and it wouldn’t have come back down.

Interesting observations tonight.

Dinner-- bbq chicken, potato salad, okra, and a whiskey and coke zero. Estimated 59g carbs. I have in the past overestimated the carbs with bbq chicken. I would have taken 6u novolog 20m in advance historically for this.

00:00-- 76

00:15-- 8u afrezza

00:45-- 65-- neighbor shows up with a bottle of wine which we share.

1:15-- 58-- lower than I’d like. I’m a bit concerned. I’m also relieved because I know the afrezza should be essentially done by now. I suspect that 2 glasses of wine played a roll in reducing “liver clearance” (dave and Nicolo’s concept). I didn’t treat it-- I rode it out. There was no fear of a significant hypo bc I knew the afrezza was done.

2:00-- 72

Will be competing in an all-day fishing tournament tomorrow so that’ll be a good test with dosing afrezza on the fly while enjoying life.
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Wow! Neat stuff!!

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Every time I open my fridge the light is on!!! :D - carry on!