My TU DIABETES Imagery Collection

I was thinking about uploading some photos to our community to share a little more me and my family with you, but then I though, Humm… Manuel is already doing some of that… then I thought maybe I can bring some of the pictures of my painting to share with you, but, I already have a link in my page and you can visit my gallery anytime at… so I had an idea that may actually bring lots of information to you:

I will build a COLLECTION of diabetes related campaigns and adds to support awareness, as we can all share relevant information.

So enjoy, of course I promise I am going to be very selective. :wink: Only good information very well delivered.


I mentioned this to Manny already, but wanted to let you know that I think the new banner design for the site is terrific! I also mentioned to Manny that I’d like to see a customized “TuDiabetes” theme design, as the imagery of the red dots representing blood along with the hands/fingers is really powerful. Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts!

Thank you very much!
I am so glad that you liked it. I tried to come up with and image that will relate to type I and type II, as well as relatives, friends, doctors and nurses. Something that also showed the social aspect of
As I posted on my blog, we are working on a solution for the banner.