My vision went back to normal, thank God

In case anyone is new and still in the part where you think your vision is never coming back. It usually does. Took about 2 months after the hospital and starting the insulin.


I’m very glad to hear that. Big sigh of relief for you!

Holy cow. Thats fantastic.

Were you in dka? That is great it is improving!

My vision was damaged in dka - it went totally blurry in both close and far range and took several months to improve but it never went back to what it was so I need glasses all the time now. I could see, but not very well, only with strong reading glasses at first and then went through several rx.

When I was diagnosed my A1C was 13 but vision was normal. I started insulin and about a week later my vision was blurry at all distances. It took about 10-15 days to return to normal.

I’ve read it has something to do with your body adjusting to a lower (normal) blood sugar. It was pretty concerning but I quickly found many people saying it happened to them so that helped me be calm about it.

The eyeball swells up or maybe deflates or both from everything being out of whack, sugars electrolytes ect and that changes the shape of the lens putting everything out of focus.

Yes, I’ve read that this can also happen when a T1 suddenly goes from bad control to tight control. One needs to be very careful at this time and make sure to see an ophthalmologist for eye images because the sudden change could cause permanent eye damage if not caught early.