My wife has a small crack on her heel. What can she do?


Recently, my wife and I went out on a very long walk (over two hours). This may have been a mistake. When we got home and I examined her feet, I notice a small crack with some minor buising on her heel. Unfortunately, where we live, you have to do a lot of up and downs because of the high sidewalks. This was a few days ago and it hasn’t gotten any worse and it may seems to be getting better. However, we don’t want to take any chances. My wife doesn’t like to go to the hospital for minor things (she really doesn’t like hospitals) so she is simply resting her foot (and walking less) and keeping her heel clean. However, is there anything else she should be doing? Any advice given is greatly appreciated.

One thing she should do daily, if she’s not, is mositurize her feet with lotion. Diabetic feet get dry easily & heels are the driest & crack.

Sounds like her shoes don’t fit properly if she’s got bruising. Long walks are great with the right shoes.

As prevention, she could apply antibiotic cream to the crack. Keeping feet clean & dry is important & not being barefoot in the house.

No need to go to the hospital for a small crack in her heel.

When my hands or feet get cracked in the wintertime, I liberally apply vaseline and put socks on either my hands or feet, depending. This helps keep the moisture in. Try to keep them on for at least a couple of hours, but overnight is better. This should speed healing if it was worsened by dry skin. If it looks good, though, she should be fine. Just keep an eye on it.

Good job taking care of your wife. If only we were all so lucky.

I like to use Zim’s Crack Cream. It is wonderful for cracked or skin prone to cracking. Beside washing and keeping the would clean applying a topical antibiotic the the site. It will help aid healing and prevention of infection. When I cut or have a crack in the skin of my feet I apply antibiotic cream and bandage when I will be on my feet and when I can get off of my foot I wash and let it air. How ever at the first sign of it worsening, infection, unusual warmth in the wound (localized fever) I go see my regular doctor. It is better to spend half a day with a doctor than to loose a foot due to infection.

I would echo what everyone else has said thus far…keep an eye on it and see a doc if changes (warm, red, swelling). Keep it clean and covered w/ triple antibiotic (Neosporin like) per my doc. I also use almond oil (can use olive, canola really any good food quality oil) daily on my body to minimize small/microscopic skin cracks and recently have added a little tea tree for my legs…good for bacteria and yeasty beasties on the feet:) I am much more careful as I get older and had a bout w/ a leg infection after a fall down some nasty steps. Cuts and bruising can all be sites for concern. Watch it daily until it heals.

Here’s a great way to end up in my awful position. One little cracked callus was the beginning of the end for me!! DO NOT IGNORE THE WOUND. Get your wife to a very good podiatrist or a wound doctor. Mine wasn’t treated right away and in the proper way. Now I am in danger of losing a portion of the foot/ toes/ all of the foot/ or more of the leg!!!

Nothing happening to the feet is unimportant or minor because they can jump up and bite you in the butt before you take a second look. Before I could get into the first good habit of seeing a podiatrist on a regular basis mine had already gone too far. She reiterated that she pays attention to the whole leg/feet/toe region because without all that, there would be no toes to look after.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Yeah, I was about to suggest Zim’s Crack cream, or Uddery Smooth Crack Cream.

Let me echo what Lois is saying. Although the additional helps suggested by the other posters is really good, and worth following for people whose feet haven’t been injured. It doesn’t take long ---- even 24 hours for a wound on the foot to turn bad for diabetics.What looks healing tonight, could be a very big problem tomorrow. You might want to call your family doc or whomever takes care of her regularly or a CDE and see what kind of medical information they can give you to follow. Best results… They might want to see her/mabe not. Better to be safe than sorry my doc says.

Udderly Smooth is the BOMB! It’s really smooth and definitely moisturizes well. Another one that works well (but stinks to high Heaven in my opinion) is Bag Balm.
You can find both of these at sewing stores. Udderly comes in a tube or plastic canister that is colored like a cow (black and white). Bag Balm comes in a tin can looking thing, that’s kind of greenish in color.

I agree with all the responses before me…I use E-45 Cream. Its very effective for cracked heels and very dry skin. Its the same cream that my dermatologist suggested to me when I had a small patch of psoriasis on my back. Other than prolonged walking or standing on hard floors, cracked heels may also be caused by ill fitting shoes, open back foot wears and some predisposed conditions like autonomic neuropathy or skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. maye you can convince her to see a doctor? Just to be safe… =)