Do You Moisturise Your feet ? Not between the toes of course!

My mother has been a Type 2 for over 20 years and has moisturised her feet every evening for the last decade or so. So far so good (no probs).

Do you moisturise your feet daily, monthly, or whenever you remember? Best cream (Sorbolene? Special mix ?)

What about the old addage: "Spend two minutes every night before going to bed checking your feet for signs of problems such as cuts, swelling, redness, sores, or hot spots.
Why? As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Catching small foot issues early on can prevent debilitating problems (including amputation) down the road. "

Are we any good at checking properly?


best ever aid/accessory i ever haerd about was a backlit mirror (a mirror with its own light source) with which you could see clearly under your foot because of the inbuilt light source.

my mother swears by sorbolene cream because its quite neutral

Yes, I do:) w/ almond oil because absorbs really well and protects from small skin cracks. Just of late…have experimented w/ adding a little tea tree essential oil. Always check my feet either on rising or after showers. When I was younger…not so much.

I’ve been using a gentle pumice surface to remove the bad callouses, and using a cream called “Udderly Smooth” (a really big jar is just $4.99) every night on my feet. It’s by far, the best cream I have ever tried on my feet, ever… and I’ve tried just about everything. It’s especially, not very greasy or oily, which I prefer.

Yes, almost every day & check my feet frequently I use almond oil or coconut oil. Hardest part of foot care for me is not going barefoot. I hate wearing shoes.

Hi Patricia
Down here in Australia tea tree oil is commonly used as a antiseptic/disinfectant wipe forsurfaces , wounds etc,.
I just read on the internet it is also anti fungal That may be useful to apply to the foot during humid periods etc (in a cream /oil base of course).

I’ve always taken really good care of my feet because of being diabetic. I “try” to moisturise every night, but sometimes forget. I just use a peppermint food lotion I get from a french store called Yves Rocher - it feels so good (and smells good too ). Also, remember, the best time to moisturise our tootsies is after we’ve bathed them. The moisture in the skin will be sealed in by the cream you apply to your skin :slight_smile:

i hardly ever use moisturizer on my feet. i was always told not to especially on the bottoms of my feet. once in a great while, like once a year i’ll use a little on the tops in the dead of winter.

i do check my feet frequently. i tend to check them more in the spring and summer when i wear flip flops a lot (i know i know, they aren’t good for your feet). my dr also checks them every 3 months when i see him with a little pokey thing. one thing i do more than anything is massage my feet. feels great and massage is always good for circulation. :slight_smile:

Reason i put up this post was yesterday i heard a Prosthetists/orthotists say they have seen diabetics with things lodged in their feet without them even knowing (good enough reason for regularly checking) esp if one walks barefoot. reminded me of the question to moisturise or not?

Amanda - I wear flip flops all year round (even in the winter - inside the house of course). If not flip flops - my cheapie dollar store Crocs - bare feet. I hate DETEST socks. I know, a bad thing for a diabetic to write, but I’ve always been abit of a rebel diabetic (but so far, touch wood, no tootsie probs).

Micheal - ugh - really - things stuck in their feet. I’m grossing out here, but I have heard of this before. Some diabetics can’t feel their feet (I have a friend who was misdiagnosed with Type 2, and wouldn’t believe me he should go on insulin, but the results ended up that he has very bad neuropathy, and no feeling in his feet). He is now on insulin, but I don’t think he really takes good care of himself - sigh. I will continue to try my best to teach him without making him get pissed off at me.

I just use Gold Bond Ultimate and it does the trick for me. I moisturize and check prior to bed every-night. I have nail fungus too but wont take the meds, even my podiatrist recommended against it, Risk to reward was too great. I only have the podiatrist trim my toenails now. I have to pay the 40 bucks as insurance wont cover that for me but better safe than get an infection. So far so good.

I moisturise every night and put special gel sleeve socks ( without toes) on. They keep my feel , especially my heels smoothe without any cracks which can be problemaic for D’s. The reason they tell you to check your feet for cuts is because some people have lost feeling in their feet and cannot feel when they step on something or get a cut. Always wear shoes, even inside.

I moisterize every morning and night (most of the time) with a lotion that contains tea tree oil. But alwyas check them…and my daughter checks thema couple times a week as well (she worries about this)

i do daily. most people with diabetes have dry skin. in my case if dont use lotion my skin cracks and it is uncomfortable not painful yet pretty ugly. so i do it in the morning and at night. mainly after every bath.