Mysterious leg pains

I've been seeing a Neurologist because of painful legs, that is not Neuropathy. This has been going on for a while. The doctor put me on Lyerica and it helps, sometimes. Now he has decided that further studies need to be done like a doppler test and special bloodwork. I'm wondering has anyone had this experience and what was the outcome? It's frustrating from day-to-day when I wake up I never know what the day will be like. Whether I'll be able to exercise; will I be able to shop; will I be able to do housework etc...

I have kept my a1cs under 7 for years, even recently had a 5 and this happens. In spite of this new thing I have still been able to exercise in the morning. Recently it's been hit or miss, as far as exercising. I will schedule these tests and anticipate the results.

Have you had your back checked out?

I ruptured a disc in my back years ago and I never experience pain in my back. Instead I get all kinds of weird pains in both legs. Sometimes I’ll get a pounding feeling in my knee, other times phantom fingers run up and down ag. Other times there’s a nasty ache that hovers over the hip and leg. Toes randomly go numb for weeks or even months and then spontaneously recover.

It’s all because the nerve root gets compressed. It’s very clear on MRI that this is what is going on. The surgical option is pretty iffy and I’m pain free enough that I’m not willing to play “You bet your chronic pain syndrome” and have it worked on. My uncle did and it pretty much ruined his life. .

When the pain gets really bad Tylenol is effective, though I avoid using it as much as possible as there is a lifetime dose of Tylenol that correlates with kidney damage, and that dose isn’t all that high.

I had a MRI a few months ago and they did discover that I have a BIG bulging disk. I’m not willing to have an operation if I can avoid it. I do get the weird pains you describe. What does give me some relief is Chiropractic adjustments. My husband and I have been going to Chriopractor for over 30 years.
I thank you for sharing your experience with me. Even though is not a good experience I thank you for sharing.

Hi Betty

I would like to comment on the issue you are having with your legs, are you a very active person?? does it happen when you walk fast or for an extended period of time, when I was going through my tough time behind the fence, I had a similar affect, and well they attributed it to neuropathy , as like you they said further testing would need to be done, and that they wouls schedule me accordingly, well to make a long story short, I kept at it, and found that the more and harder I exercise, and took some mild anti inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen, it tended to go away , now the kind of shoe you walk in makes a big difference, so also make sure your footware is what is needed, and see if this can be of some help to you…

Mike thank you for your suggestions but it isn’t Neuropathy. For many years I did suffer from Neuropathy and then learned tighter control and reversed it. If you notice it is an old post from 2007 I’ve since been dxed with Spinal Stenosis. It’s a condition that can come with age (I’m now a senior). It’s the narrowing of the spince and involves L4&5 disk. Thank you for your concern.