MyTherapy app

MyTherapy is Germany’s leading app for people to manage their medication. They are now taking MyTherapy to an international level.

MyTherapy uniquely combines medication reminders and health tracking. The app reliably reminds you to take your meds, to get active and to track your vitals. How does it work? MyTherapy translates your therapy into a simple to-do list. Your daily goal: checking off your tasks – for peace of mind. At the same time MyTherapy’s built-in health journal summarizes your medication intake and other health-related information. MyTherapy is available free of charge on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.
All features at a glance:
• Medication reminder (for all patients, all diseases, all meds)
• Summary of blood pressure, blood sugar and more
• Tracking wellbeing and symptoms
• Monthly health report
• Friends and family can motivate you to take your meds
• Free of charge on the Google Play Store ( and on the App Store (
• Positive effect on medication adherence scientifically proven by Charité Berlin
• No registration needed
• Data protection: We don‘t hand on individual-based information to third parties
• Homepage: