I'm feeling a bit naked today as I trot around for the first time in almost four years without my insulin pump. I've disconnected for the week in preparation for a white-water rafting trip this weekend and it's a strange feeling. I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking, "Oh no! I forgot to put my pump back on after the shower!" only to remember that the Lantus coursing through my body had me covered.

Bizarre, though, to roll over and not feel that "thud" against my hips as I sleep.

Trust me, I definitely plan on putting the pump back on Sunday night. :)

Anyone else ever taken a "pump vacation"?

It would scare me to do this, you know? I am afraid I have completely lost practice with shots… :S

I feel a little nervous, but testing often has helped confirm that I haven’t “completely lost it.” I’m using Lantus and Humalog, and I’m eating very low-carb to minimize the impact of my meals while I’m off-pump.

Also, I made sure I wrote down my basals on my pump for when the battery decides to crap out while I’m on vacation. :wink:

Hi Kerri, we are in the process of getting the pump for Adin. We are completely convinced that it is better. But could you compare shots to the pump. I thought I would ask someone with first hand knowledge and since you are untethered at the moment maybe you could give me some insight. Are shots more painful? Thanks for any input. Hope you have a fun and exhilarating white water rafting trip.

Adinsmom - I did multiple injections for 17 years and have only pumped for the last four. After I hit the 9 - 11 injections a day, I was ready for pumping. And now, taking a brief “pump vacation,” I’m already looking forward to hooking back up with my Minimed.

I miss the bolusing precision. I miss being able to take insulin without busting out a syringe. The shots I’ve taken have been slightly painful lately, making me grumpy. I miss having the ability to tweak my morning basals to account for spikey morning blood sugars. I miss being able to fully disconnect at the gym and worry less about lows. And despite Lantus being touted as a “peakless” insulin, I miss truly having no insulin peaks.

However, it’s been nice to wear a slinky dress and have no pump negotiations, but I’ve worn slinky before while pumping and it was just an extra step or two. But when it all boils down, I prefer pumping over injections. I take too little insulin too often during the day. I’m already tired of the eensy little boluses I’m taking (1/2 a unit here, two units there) and having to mess with a syringe.

Sunday night, I’m back to the pump. It just works for my life.

Kerri - i am wondering - on the pump are your basal rates fairly consistent throughout the day? Mine vary from .300 up to 1.60 depending on the time of day - i have about 10 variations. Which makes me wonder how well Lantus would work for someone like me-even if just for a week.

I am very insulin sensitive, and that varies on time of day too, my basal total is 14.45 daily with Total Daily Intake of less than 20 units(varies between 17 and 20)

I went white water rafting once with the MM water tight giant belted unit - and was terrified the entire time that I was gonna lose my pump to the current…and was a little OC about checking to make sure it really was water tight -

Here is to you and your bravery!!

My basals vary from 0.4 u to 1.0 u. From 6:30 - 10 am, I rock the full unit. The rest of the day I am at 0.4 u. I am also very insulin sensitive and I roll with about 20 - 30 u per day total.

And rafting was awesome! More on that tomorrow. :slight_smile: