Natural or unnatural disasters


I live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes and flooding, and lately I’ve been thinking, what do I do with my insulin if I’m stuck without electricity for three days and it’s 100 degrees outside.

Obviously the best plan is to leave before anything happens, but what plans do y’all have for when the worst happens?


Get a FRIO pack. You charge them by soaking them in water. The gel inside cools while it evaporates. It will keep insulin cool for 24 hours (I think) and you can recharge it just by soaking it in water. It’s also great for travel or beach trips. I think that they’re available on amazon.


My Frio packs stay cool for days on end. And just a quick re-wetting gets them going again…just don’t oversoak. Many of the online stores only carry black and blue, but carries them in other colors. I have several in different sizes. They are great.