NC policy change re Dex supplies access

I thought I was going to be complaining madly here. Yesterday I got a callback from Dex after calling for a new G5 transmitter (Medicare) and they said NC had a new policy as of March 1 that Dexcom could not sell direct to customers and I had to use US MED. I never heard of them and was pretty mad. Dex sent all my info to them, they said. I assumed it would take 3 weeks to get it all done. At 2 pm today, US MED called and I told her I was expecting a 2pm business call (I was) and she said it would take 30 seconds. I said, give it a try. 30 seconds later we hung up and I still can’t believe it. She said all the info, my address, DOB, dr, instead of asking me to repeat each one 3 times. I just had to say yes and she said thanks, that is all I need.
Wow!! If this is normal, I will ignore the fact that their website calls it “diabetic supplies” instead of “diabetes supplies” since we all know that supplies cannot get diabetes.
I will also ignore the young woman in video on the site dressed in skintight pants and spike heels advertising medical supplies instead of a “regular” person. I may have to educate them about diabetes supplies, however, next time I talk with someone.


If you are referring to the lady in the video, she is dressed normally/appropriately. :slight_smile:

The website has much to be desired for, but in general they’ve been pretty good for me so far. Dexcom punted me to them for the initial order and I’ve received the first “refill” of supplies without any issue.

The only thing that’s a bit weird is that this is run through my DME coverage and billed by CareCentrix on a monthly basis because apparently US MED can’t bill 3 months of supplies at once.

They are based in Florida but don’t have late customer service hours so call by 6pm.

Directly from Dexcom, supplies ship once a month anyway.

I have been getting 30 days of cgm supplies from Dex since having to go there. Yet I can get 90 days of pump supplies from Edgepark. Edgepark, for some reason does not bill Medicare directly. Don’t ask me how they use Medicare for pump supplies and not Dex. Regardless, 90 days pump supplies, 30 days Dex. Makes no sense.

Edwards Health - calls usually last less then a minute to reorder Libre

US MED sends me a 90 day supply but bills it 30 days at a time.

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Got a call from Dexcom two days ago saying they could not ship to NC and had to call US Med. Asked why - don’t know. Is it just to NC - yes. Talked to US Med and after three transfer got someone friendly and competent. Got a call from Dexcom yesterday that said they can now ship to NC. Are now processing transmitter to me immediately. Was it really the state of NC that stopped them from shipping? Anyone else get the call saying now we can ship?

This is truly weird. I was told by Dexcom that NC had a new ruling/policy on this issue and that it took effect March 1.
Now you say it was reversed?
Frankly, if US MED continues as they have started, I may prefer to stay with them. Of course, it will take a while to find out. My order was supposedly shipped yesterday, or maybe the day before. I called to verify they were sending a transmitter, not a sensor, per their email, and they had a supervisor verify it was a transmitter. Waiting to see!

Just be glad it isn’t Edgepark they are making you use.

Ha!! I do use Edgepark for pump supplies. A fep BCBS thing. You don’t have time to hear my experiences with Edgepark.

Update: I learned that Dexcom had failed to renew their North Carolina license!! They should be back in business now but I got my transmitter from US MED Monday and want to stick with them. No hassles when ordering. At least the first time out of the gate.