What supplier do you use for Dexcom? I’ve Been using Edgepark and it’s been very bad.

CSS medical and they are great. I am on medicare. Within the past couple of weeks, CSS has also been approved by Medicare to allow patients to opt into CSS shipping 3 months of Dexcom supplies at one time, which they will invoice medicare on a monthly basis.


I agree. When I contacted my endo’s ofiice to ask about other options I was directed to the specialty pharmacy at my local teaching hospital. I was told they could provide regular 30 day supplies with real time courier delivery. In addition they expedited my move to the G7 which Edgepark REPEATEDLY and INCORRECTLY told me I was ineligible for. I had no idea I had this option, and couldn’t be more pleased, so my advice would be to check with your endo’s office and see if they have a suggestion.

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I use Byram for my Tandem and Dexcom supplies, and have been very happy with them. I’d call them directly and see if they can help you

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I like US Med for my G6 supplies. They also reliably ship me a 90 day stockpile (9 sensors and a transmitter) under Medicare. Never a problem and I don’t have to ever call them.

Unfortunately (for me at least) they aren’t authorized to supply my t:slim supplies under Medicare coverage.

Good luck.


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I’m another happy US Med customer of Dexcom supplies. I was worried about eventual success with my G7 sensors so I switched my future deliveries back to the G6. US Med handled the request with ease. They have not screwed up an order yet and I rarely interact with them. Every 90 days I answer a text and the CGM supplies show up on time. No muss, no fuss! I’m on Medicare.

I have been very happy withy CCS.


Many of the suppliers are bad. Minipharmacy is the least bad of the options I have through my insurance. I have to get other supplies from Edgepark. I think they are the DME division of hell.

Here is a list of DME companies that sell Dexcom.

Name Zip Web
Advanced Diabetes Supply 92009
Better Living Now Inc. (Rotech) 11788
Byram 10605
CCSMed 75234
Diabetes Supply Center of the Midlands (Adapthealth) 68134
Edgepark 44087
Edwards 44236
Healthy Living Medical Supplies 48216
Heart Medical Equipment 48439
Minipharmacy 90021
Pinnacle Medical Solutions (Adapthealth) 90074, 38125, 35630, 38672
Solara (Adapthealth) 91913
US Med 33122
Wellstart Medical 34952

Same for me.

During initial COVID outbreak (when I placed my first order) , and many people out sick, I did have some delays and communication issues, but going smoothly now.

They also did a recent update to their website, but my orders come as auto refill every 3 months. So only logon to submit payment.

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I use ADS, Advanced Diabetes Supply. Since 2019 they have sent me 3 months worth at a time. They text me about a month before they are due and ask if I want them, Confirm and then they ship them. It’s been extremely easy and they have never been late.

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Thanks all! This has been super helpful! I’m switching to another supplier asap. Thanks again!

I get mine through my insurance’s mail order pharmacy, Optum. That way they go through as a pharmacy benefit and cost me much less than if I went through their in-network DME provider Byram. Byram basically told me I’d have to pay for it out of pocket 100% until my deductible was met, and then pay 30% co-insurance after that. Thousands of dollars each year. By going through Optum, I pay $75 every 3 months each for sensors & a transmitter.


US Med is very easy and very good.

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I second the suggestion to check with your endo and/or local hospitals or specialty pharmacies. My local hospital has an in-house specialty pharmacy that provides dexcom supplies and there’s nothing like working with a local provider. I can easily get a real person on the line almost immediately and they are happy to call the doctor when prescriptions run out.

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Thank you! I got a recommendation from endo and upgrading to Dexcom 7 as well!

I have used Byram for several years. I am very satisfied with their promptness of delivery. They send me sensors and transmitters for my Dexcom G6. I will request the G7 with my next order.

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I’ve been with Edgepark for years and years and they’ve sucked the whole time. What they call “auto ship” is me frantically calling them. I have to use them according to my insurance. Before I retired I had to pay 20%, and they were sure on the ball about collecting, lol! Now I’m on United Medicare Advantage and my cost is zero. Wow! But—I think I saw that either Tandem or Dexcomm now let’s you buy from them.

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Thanks for reply! Yes it’s been an ongoing nightmare. I’m finally switching to another place.

I hope your switch goes smoothly. Who did you pick?

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My Endo office recommended US Med