Need advice about what to do

Ok today I went in for my pre op stuff for my surgery tomorrow. It is being done in the hospital that stuck me out in the waiting room with a blood sugar of 40 and I had came by ambulance and wasn’t able to form a complete thought or sentence. I couldn’t even remember my name and they put me in the waiting room. But this is the only hospital my gyno uses so I have no choice. So I go through the pre op and the gas passer told me not to take any insulin in the morning. He said they will take care of it and give me insulin if my sugar is to high. This will be my 6th surgery in 3 years. All other surgeries I have been allowed to handle insulin on my own. I do not know if they are going to listen to me if I tell them they are giving me to much insulin. I have a call into my gyno, to talk to them about it. My question is should I handle it on my own in the morning if I am a little high. I know my body and I know how much insulin it takes to get me to a normal level, especially since I will be NPO.


I have only had one surgery since I was diagnosed and I took my own insulin before the surgery. I think that it is good that someone will watch your blood sugar (of course!), but I think that you know best the amount. OR if for some reason you should take less than usual, then they can instruct you on that. My feeling is that YOU know best.

I hope that they won’t give you a hard time about this.

AFTER my surgery, I had a bad experience with the nurses. They told me that they would manage and give my insulin injections (which I thought was strange). They came in to give me six units of NPH (I was on Lantus and humalog and still had Lantus in my system and was extremely insulin sensitive). I protested and told them that if they give me that injection I will go low I told them to call my endo before giving anything. They reluctantly agreed but warned the other nurses that I was an uncooperative patient. Once an endo came to see me and I told her what happened, she wrote clearly on my file that I was to take care of my own insulin injections.

There are so many types of insulin and we are all different. My instinct is that you know best! But if they insist on giving it, I would make sure they know how many units you normally take and ask them how many they will give!!

Take care and let us know how you are doing once you are able!!!

I talked with my GP today who handles my diabetes and they told me to take care of it before I go to the hospital in the morning. That if I am a little high to take what I feel I need to take and just not to bother to tell them. If my sugar is normal levels then they will not give me insulin. I am very untrusting of the medical profession because of previous experiences with it. I am betting diabetics as a whole have more first hand experience than any medical professional.

I think you should just handle your own insulin if you need it. I went to see my GI doctor today to set up an upper endoscopy that i really need. After listenng to my doctor tell me that i need to be NPO from midnight until the procedure that will be scheduled for 2 pm the following day I began explaining my needs as a diabetic. I told him that i shoot Lantus before bedtime and asked him what he wanted me to do if i got down too low during the next morning. The secrtetary pipes up that then i should only shoot half of my insulin dose. for the morning. This proves that non diabetic people should keep their mouths shut. what if I listened to her? I explained to my doctor that if I went too low before a procedure and really needed my stomach to be empty that I normally take little sips of a clear white soda. I said if any is left in my stomach when he does the procedure he could just suctiion it out. He got mad and said well we will just be suctioning that out of your lungs instead when you throw up. I am really nervous about this procedure. My husband started to say something, but I just shook my head. I may just cancel with this doctor and go see someone else who understands a diabetics needs. I will think about this before the date comes up. I have had this endoscopy numerous times and have never had this kind of trouble with a GI doctor before.

When I had my endoscopy done i wasn’t NPO. I was allowed clear liquids all night. And mine was scheduled for 10:30.
I am going to handle my insulin on my own tomorrow morning.

Blood sugar is 165 so I decided not to correct. Figured a little bit on the high side wouldn’t hurt me and they probably won’t correct it at 165.

Good luck Cody,
I hope all went well and it is scary to hear them tell you not to do your insulin and they will handle it. What is it about Dr.s I am having a few problems too and I would love to see one of them try and figure out if that one ounce extra of carb is going to put you high or did I take too much and put me into hypo. I think there should be someone we as diabetics talk to before a procedure and let us have some say so. We know our bodies better than they do. We know what it feels like to be low or the highs we feel. Why should we be treated like children and be ignored when we have a complaint or question?