I took a day off from diabetes

Yup I sure did! I had to go for surgery on tuesday. And had to fast the night before. I carbed up for my last meal so that I wouldnt go low overnight or in the morning.

When the resident surgeon came to talk to me before my surgeon did, (young guy all new to this) He asked me if I had taken any insulin that morning. This is what I said to him....
" I have to deal with this disease each and every day 24/7. I am taking today off. My blood sugars and diabetes and actually come to think of it, my whole life is in your hands... it's your problem today, not mine,I will be asleep and you can just deal with it." He laughed at me and said "fair enough".
So ya, I just handed it over... and although they didnt do an amazing job with my blood sugars,(rookies!) the surgery went well and I am still alive...and I had a day off. Now, back to the grind stone!

Good for you!

Yes-- good for you!!! PERFECT. Glad you're on the mend, too! (I'm going to remember your story next time I have to have surgery! ;) )

Brave, Brave woman, Good for you. I wish i could be that strong.

What a good idea !! Not that I want surgery at the current time, but I'll keep it in mind for the future. I am surprised that the resident surgeon didn't freak out when you told him your plan. They tend to be afraid of D, especially handling it.