Need endo in Seattle, Wa area!

I am being shoved out of the nest that is Seattle children's (not literally, I could stay till I'm 21, but let's not be silly) so therefore need an endo that is willing to work with young (still immature) adults. This is unfortunate, because I just found an NP that works for me, and have only seen her twice. In retrospect, I should have stayed with my original NP, since she was also amazing, if a bit too nice (that IS possible, if one is too nice, it just doesn't work and starts to feel false) But I was letting my mom drive the ship when I should have revolted. I guess I love my mom too much. Anyway, I don't like randomly calling doctors and making appointments! It just takes time!If anyone in the seattle area knows an endo that they can recommend, I would greatly appreciate it! I don't care if it's an Md, NP, or other. makes no difference as long as they treat T1d.

I see you are a member of the Seattle T1 group, please join the much larger NW Group and ask there.