Seattle, WA endocrinologist recommendations?

Hi all,

I live in Alaska, where there is a shortage of endocrinologists. I often fly through Seattle when I travel outside Alaska. I’ll be there at the end of September and would like to find an endocrinologist who’s willing to work with me when I come through town. I’m looking for someone who keeps well informed on new research, technologies, treatments, etc.

So, anybody love their endo in Seattle? Please share their info!


I know one of our members, @MayaK, likely has good info on your question. I hope she stops in here, soon. Good luck finding your next endo!

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Endo, no. My endo is fine, but I’m the tech expert.

But–I do know of and sometimes go see a crackerjack CDE who is an RN AND a Type 1 (and a pump and CGM user).

Tom Kowalski at Swedish Diabetes Education Center. He’s even about my age and of like build (tall and trim).

When I lived in Seattle, I saw Dr. Tylee at UWMC’s Diabetes Care Center (or something to that effect). I thought she was great and the lab was always super fast. If you do go with UWMC, they don’t actually let you choose your endo, your current doctor submits their notes about you and they schedule you with whomever is free. It doesn’t take that long, I saw Dr. Tylee within a month of starting the process of switching endos.

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I see Dr Trence at UW Medical Center

She’s pretty up to date on everything. I do have occasional disagreements with her but that’s because I’m not your typical patient by any means and very hard to please.

Overall though she’s very much on top of all the latest advances and research so I would recommend her if that’s your focus of interest in your care.

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Thanks everybody! I’ll check them out and see who has openings that fit with my travel schedule.

Michael Williams at the PolyClinic on Madison in Seattle. I’ve been T1 for 32 years and he’s the first Dr that I didn’t hate because I felt talked down to or not listened to. He’s been great!

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I made an appointment with another Dr. at the PolyClinic. If it doesn’t work out with her, I’ll try him!