Anyone has kids with type 1 in Seattle , WA ? Need help

We will be moving to Seattle in June and I couldn’t find a group with parents of kids with type 1 in Seattle so I posted here and hopefully I’ll find some other moms in the area.
We are moving from Florida to Seattle and I need an endo for my 4 yr old daughter, does anyone know a good one there ??
Thanks !!!

We have 2 that we see at seattle childrens. Erin Alving, who is actually a nurse practitioner, and Srinath Sanda. We have also seen Kate Ness and think that she is pretty good as well… All of them are through Seattle Childrens, and you really can’t go wrong there. they put a whole team on your case, and if you can’t get in with your regular endo, then they have plenty of others on staff to fill in. their endo nursing staff is great also, and always available to answer questions.

welcome to the area! be sure to get on the jdrf northwest mailing list, so you can be informed of all the upcoming events for kids and families with D.

Thanks for you reply !!! I was just reading about Dr. Sanda, It’s nice to hear that you had a good experience with them. I’ll call and make an appointment with him. Is he in Seattle or on Bellevue, do you know ???

I’ll join JDRF northwest, we been JDRF memebers here and participated in lots of events, so we look forward to joining our new group.

We’ll probably be moving to Sammamish, are you close ??

Hi Aimee,
We are planning on moving to Sammamish. Thanks for the info on the resources part of JDRF website, I’ll take a look right now.
Thanks for your well wishes, I think we are going to love living there…

If you are going to be in sammamish, seattle childrens has a beautiful new satellite clinic in bellevue, and that would be much closer and more convenient location for you, rather than treking into seattle. Dr Sanda does have office hours in bellevue as well as seattle, and he does research with benaroya, so he is involved all over the place. We are actually in federal way (which is between seattle and tacoma) but my husband works in seattle, so we spend quite a bit of time up north.

Great info, thank you soooo much !!!
I’ll call tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment with Dr. Sanda for May (I’ll be there 4 days)…
We are moving the first weekend of June so I want to have a doctor by the time we are there…
Thanks you again for your help ! :slight_smile:

We also go to Seattle Children’s Hospital on a quarterly basis since my 17 year old son was first admitted and then diagnosed in August 2010. We can’t say enough good things about the whole team (endo (Gwyn Recupero), nutritionists, social workers, research, and transitioning to college and adult care specialists.) As you will be living on “the Eastside” (geographic distinction … eastside of Lake Washington) you will probably want to check out Children’s Bellevue clinic where many of the staff from the main hospital see patients on a regular basis.
Good luck with the move!

Thank you sooo much for your reply seems we can’t go wrong with the Seattle Children’s. We’ll be moving in 6 weeks and we look forward to meeting her new dr. Thanks !!

If my memory serves me correctly, there are, unfortunately, about 1500 kids served by the Endocrinology and Diabetes program at Children’s. Sadly there are that many T1s in the area. But maybe because of the large volume, the care is top rate. You will find all kinds of support and contacts. Best of luck.