Need help and support

Hi, guess I thought I was gonna breeze thru this thing. Well I had my first blood sugar crash yesterday, I had skipped lunch because I wasn't hungry, and was at the library. I started feeling weak, shaky and even had trouble understanding simple directions.I managed to get checked out and drive home, but by the time I got home, I was sick, and my stomach really hurt. I made a quick PB& J sandwich(was desparate) and it calmed down, but left me very tired. I slept all afternoon, and today haven't felt well either. I have a stomach ache that burns no matter what, and I don't know if it is related? I'm on Metformin 500 mg twice a day and Glimeperide once a day.

How often do you test each day?

Do you carry a tube of 10 Dex4 glucose tablets with you, either in your car or in your purse?

A low blood sugar can leave you very tired, because your adrenaline kicks in, your heart rate goes up, etc. It's like running in a foot race.

Driving with low blood sugar is similar to driving under the influence of alcohol. Don't do it!!!

My uneducated guess is the stomach ache is unrelated.

You were very lucky. You probably had a low blood glucose (hypoglycemia event)due to not eating. It is important to check your blood sugar before you drive. Don’t think you can “beat this thing” you will only get in trouble. Better luck next time.

Yeah Iwas lucky, and I didn't know notto drive. Plus, Ineeded to get home to eat. I test twicea day. And I'm going to get some of those tablets

Quick glucose comes in tablets and liquid. Both are easy to carry. I have a small pack that I keep my meter and few things in. It goes wherever I do, and has come in handy several time. But you can even put a few tablets in your pocket. Good thing to have now that you know what to expect.

always always always carry something with you. whether it's juice boxes, glucose tablets, cheesy crackers, etc.

I have had D for 30 years. Never gotten behind the wheel while low......until this winter. I thought i was ok. I ended up "bumping" the car in front of me at a red light. no damage was done to either car. But what has transpired since then has affected my lifestyle and those around me tremendously.

The police officer reported my "condition" to the State of Illinois and they have canceled my drivers license. i was required to have a medical form filled out by my endo and mail it off to some state office. A medical review board looked over the document and decided that i still cannot drive.

Pardon my rant...but please do not let yourself get in this situation. It's horrible.