T:slim... little problems

I think I sent a message to everyone instead of what I wanted to do. Due to the possibility that you all may have gotten it (even though I cant find it anymore)... I'll try to make this a little more brief.

Started pumping with the t:slim on December 29 2013 (first time using a pump, about 32 years of type 1 diabetes). Love the ease of use, love the look, love the change site reminders etc.

Problems? There is one little stuck pixel already and the cover to the USB port has been completely disconnected (can be fitted back on, but whenever I need to charge it will just plop off entirely again, so there is risk of losing that little plastic cover eventually). Anyone else experience these kinds of problems or am I "special"?

I do not believe it to be worth exchanging for those kinds of problems, but if it came down to it, do you believe that they would? (Probably not worth the hassle even if they do, as I do not live in the USA, and all shipping of products etc go to my sister who does live in the States... just not sure how it would work and whether you can take your slow sweet time shipping the old one back after you get a new one or if you have to send the old one first?)

Hopefully I've put this in the right spot now, if not hopefully I'll figure this place out eventually.


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Grumpy, you can request additional port covers–they’ll send you some for free. No pixel problems here. Tandem will overnight you a replacement pump, if that’s deemed necessary. You send back your pump in the same box that the replacement arrives in. No postage required by you.

Ok, but part of what I want to know is... is it ok if it takes me a long time (months) to get them the old pump? As how it would have to work is this:

My parents are flying over to visit my sister in the US, which is if I arranged it properly they could bring the new one back with them... but then, If I didnt want to be without a pump for a week (and send it with my parents), I wouldn't be able to ship the old one to tandem from my country (postage paid is unlikely to be enough), and so I'd probably want to wait until I went to the US again... (say in a few months) so would it be "OK" if I took that long to send back the old pump?

For a non functioning/truly broken pump, the hassle would be worth it and they could then send the replacement to my sister and then I could even Fed-Ex the old one back to them. But for the insignificant things I'm talking about right now... not worth it.

My two cents: Call them ASAP, report issues even if they're tiny because right now the pump is still new enough (both yours specifically and the T-slim line in general) that they only way they know whats going on and what does and doesn't work is if we continue to call and tell them. If nobody tells them, they'll never fix it. Even on the small stuff. Additionally, that little port cover is the only way your pump keeps its water-tightness so at least you should have a second cover on hand in case the existing one gets lost.

Tandem won't care what country you're in, and let them deal with the "is the postage enough?" part of it anyway! That is 110% their problem, not yours, and that's only in the event that they think your pump would even need replacing. For what its worth, I confirmed with them last year that if I was on vacation in a foreign country and my pump broke, they would still send me an overnight (or maybe 2-day, depending) replacement without hassle. (That was one of my qualifications for a pump company, because a vacation with a broken pump isn't much of a vacation!)

For the sake of everyone else with a T-slim though, please call them and let them know whats up, because I also think the port door is flimsy and prone to coming off, but chances are 100% slim that if I'm the only one who ever calls to report such that it will never be addressed in future models.

Sorry to hear about the dead pixel. For as much as pump companies charge I would get it replaced. After all I would get a $600 iPhone replaced for a dead pixel, why not replace a $6,000 pump? I agree with Skye, you need to let them know. And since I travel for Buisness sometimes I believe they mentioned it didn’t matter on the location that they would still send a replacement. As for the port I have had two pumps, both of them came off the manufacture line with flimsy doors that broke. But lucky for me I called them when it happened to the first pump and they sent me 2 replacement port doors that seem to have been made better. I still only have used he one door, the other sits in a bag. The ones they sent seem much better. I also confirmed it’s still water proof even with out the door so don’t worry about that. But if you call them they will send you a new one, it’s easy to replace.

I’m not sure if they cover changing this door in the manual or not, so I did a quick video.

Thanks. Looks pretty easy.

Hi Grumpychick,

Pixel problem - you should be able to get a replacement. You can call the company (Tandem) and explain your situation. See what they say! You are better taking your replacement concerns directly to the pump company than you are having family act as a middleman/go between. Many foreign countries have more insulin pump options available to them because the FDA approval process can be slow in the US. Tandem should be grateful to help you. Contact them! They are nice!

With regard to the port cover - mine was pulled off in training (in June 2013) and I haven't put it back on since! I've had no problems at all. I DO use the plastic "case" that is part of the clip set, but I don't wear the clip itself (I hope you know what I'm talking about). I find it easier to slide the t-slim into a pants pocket than to clip it.

I LOVE the t-slim. You chose the right pump in the t-slim. I used Animas from 2001 to 2013. Animas is a fabulous company with unsurpassed customer support. t-slim has the more contemporary and cutting edge technology at this time. I feel fortunate to be using the t-slim!

Julie Ann :)