Need Help

Well I am finally asking others for some advice. I started a Medtronic insulin pump back in July and things were going pretty well up until recently. The past 2-3 months, I’ve noticed that I have had to change my infusion sets almost twice each time I got to cycle into a new reservoir and tube. I also notice that they are not working. I’ve used them on my hip, love handles and last night, tried one in my abdomen. I ended up waking up at 500 and had to correct since obviously this wasn’t working. I have had bruises, blood, and just the ‘not feel right’ sites that I have taken out since they were not working. I currently use a 6mm quick set. I have scheduled an appointment with my nurse educator and Medtronic rep on Monday. I finally called my Medtronic rep and she was a little stumped since it is not my insulin, my pump is fine (I am getting insulin) and I do have one site that is my old standby I am using since it is working. I’m not sure how long to leave that one in…going on 4 days now. I am just so anxious now when i have to change my pump since each time it seems like I am not getting the proper absorption. I eat very low carb, around 20 grams a meal if even, but still have nasty spikes and run high. Not sure what to do and am thinking about doing MDI for now, since I KNOW I am getting insulin that way. Just looking for some help, advice, tips, anything you might have to help my situation. So frustrated… Thanks.

Boy, this really sounds like your insertion is somehow going wrong. I'm not the best one for pump advice as I don't pump, but it might be good to try a different infusion sets, perhaps with different lengths as well as check your technique with the nurse educator or rep.

Jill, I'm stumped as well. I agree with Brian though, it would be well worth talking with the nurse educator and rep about trying different sets. I rarely get bruises or bleeding with my Ping sets. Please let us know what they say!

yikes, sorry this is happening to you. have you tried the sure-t's, it's a solid cannula that doesn't bend. that's what I used when on MM cause my CDE said they don't bend...maybe you need a longer cannula? For this reason, I switched to Omnipod which I love, at least so far. Hope you can figure it out. Good luck!

I totally recommend checking out the Silhouette sets. I have had pretty much zero problems with them for like 5 years. If I do a change and it runs high, I crank the temp basal to 200% for a couple of hours and it usually kicks in and I stop after an hour. I also think they might be a bit easier to maneuver around to avoid recent "targets" since they are pretty easy to stick in manually. I pretty much used my abdomen only for the first 3 years and now just occasionally give my belly a break with the love handles for a week or so but I don't do that according to a plan.

Here are some things to think of - have you lost or gained weight since you began pumping? This may change the effectiveness of the infusion set.
Do you use skin tac or some other skin prep prior to inserting the quick set? If so, stop using it, clean site with only alcohol prior to insertion and see if problem is solved.
Do you use the inserter with the quick set? Try it without or get the inserter and see if it makes a difference. Do you "pinch" the skin when inserting, either with or without the inserter? Try to do this also, it may make a difference. Are you able to provide a bolus amount immediately after insertion over the amount needed to fill the cannula? This may work to clear blood from the trauma of the insertion. Finally, contact Medtronic if you have not already done so and request them to send samples of different infusion sets. You may find one that works better for you or you may find you need to use one type in one location and another type in a different location (i.e. thighs vs buttocks).
Good luck!

Not sure if my insight helps ; Sarah mentioned Sure-t's ...I am pumping since 2001 , tried all Medtronic's cannula sets , till one chap here on TU mentioned Sure-T's about 3 years ago..I am using the 8mm and 99 out of the 100 times of set change , about every 48 hours , I do a .3u of priming ( except when BG is below , guesstimate 4.5 or there abouts ( x18 ) ) ...I hope the Sure-T's work for you as they generally work for me !