Cannula problems

I’ve been on a Medtronic insulin pump for two years now. Two weeks ago I went to the hospital with DKA(first time ever in the 20 years I’ve been diabetic). As soon as I removed my set the cannula was bent like a Z. Everything was taking care of and everything went back to normal…until this morning. I changed sets last night and woke up at 400 for no explainable reason. I immediately pulled out my set and the cannula was once again bent. I called Medtronic. They think I’m hitting scar tissue. Just now after two years? I would think this would have happened early than now. They are having me send in the bent set from this morning to make sure it’s not a manufacturing defect.

They suggested I find another set location. I currently use my love handle area. I’m built rather lean. I cannot use my stomach because it hits muscle and bends the cannula. Does anyone have any suggestions on where lean people have success with sets besides the love handle area?

Btw I’ve tried the angled sets and they were incredibly uncomfortable for me.

Hey Amanda,

I'm pretty lean (5'10" - 150 lbs) and I use my whole stomach area. Do you use an angled cannula? If you aren't, you might want to try one out. I was taught to change sets in the morning so that if something isn't working you find out about it sooner rather than later and I have found that to be very good advice.

I had my first bent cannula after 4+ years pumping only a few weeks ago. There is a certain amount of luck involved. I remember not having a flat tire for over a decade and then just getting two in a row. Sometimes the random events really are just that

Good luck,


My main question is where can I put sets besides stomach and love handles. It hurts and does not work in my stomach, even with angled sets.

Oh Amanda, so sorry to hear this. What size cannula are you using, which type of set? I was told to use the sure-t's, they don't bend, go straight in, they're steel. For those of us who are lean, we should be using 6mm cannulas. I can use my my stomach. Were you not testing your blood sugars to see them rising, do you use a CGM?

Use 6mm quick sets. I have not tried the sure t’s yet but it was suggested. Are there any negatives with the metal sets?

Last night I changed my set before bed…that was my bad I know better.

well, from what I experienced, only that the priming is different, you wear it only 2 days and there are two adhesive pieces/patches to attach to body. you can look at MM's website and check it out. This was the only set my Endo/pump nurse wanted me to use because they do not bend.

Thanks so much! I’m definitely going to research the sure t’s more. I’m also planning on talking to my dr about sites and the sure t’s.

if you can, get the has alerted me to SO many lows and highs. there is a lag time but I set my alerts at certain numbers and it works out great. It is one more 'thing' to wear but if you're going DKA, this would really be beneficial - IMO, especially while sleeping. I know Medtronic has a CGM...I like the Dexcom better. GOOD LUCK! :)

I have a cgm but I don’t use it anymore. I started having a lot if bruising and bleeding from it. Once again I could only use it on my love handle areas. So that interfered with more spots for my sites so I stopped.

i know, i'm having the same problem. :( I tried Dex on my legs, arms but it didn't work. i've recently switched to the omnipod, primarily for this reason and i'm wearing Pods on my arms so I can use my torso for the CGM. Hopefully...soon, they'll be an all in one integrated system. i have a 24" waist and 32" hips and have no room for all this stuff. HA!

Lol I feel ya!! I think I’m the only 30 year old in the world that wants a little more stomach fat haha

ha! my MM rep told me this would be an issue for me, not enough fat for sites, well as my endo. Rep told me to use my butt area, below waist, lower hips...try that area too. good luck!

Also, Amanda, MM will send you some trial sure-t's to try out, if your endo or pump nurse don't have them on site.

Here is a link to where medtronic suggest you can place infusion sets: Bent canullas are the worst. You dont even see it comming and if you are stuborn like me, then you leave it in too long. It could be scar tissue or it could be bad luck. In any event I would give that area a rest for a while.

I have put infusion sets in my legs and stomach successfully. I have also heard of women using their uppper buttocks (where sitting is not an issue) successfully.

I’ve been thinking about using the back of my arms since I use to take insulin shots there. I’m just wondering if the tubing would get annoying or mess up the set from dragging on my clothes. I’d love to use my legs and upper butt but I wear pants that fit me (not baggy) so I would think it would be bad for them to rub against the set.

Yeah, I tried using my thighs and the pants moving over the sets made the sites pus up (and took too long to heal).

My son is super lean and gave up on quicksets early on in pumping due to cannula problems. When you tried the angled set, do you know if you were given the shortest version? MM's silhouette comes in 13mm and 17mm. If you were given the 17mm, the 13mm might be worth trying. My son has used the 13mm over the past five years. He has a small stock of Sure-T's, but hasn't been using them. I think he will when he finally moves away from his abdomen for sites. He tends to us the area where you pinch a bit of skin just below the rib cage and he moves the sites as he changes them from side to side and less than an 1/2 inch from the last change so that he can get a lot use out of a fairly small surface area. MM should send you 13mm silhouettes and Sure-T's as a sample, if you ask. By the way, he does not use the sil-serter. He manually inserts the angled sets.

I find that the top part of my, ahem, rump seems to work very well. Not only is the insertion "cleaner" but my absorption seems to be much better.
After 2 years, you have more scar tissue than you did before using the pump. One of the side effects, if you will, of multiple injections, is each time we inject a scar is made. Even if it's not visible, it is still there. I hope this helps.
Good luck!

Is that below your belt line?

Hi friend Amanda ...long time no " see " !!!! ...allow me not to read all the responses ( lack of time :) ) I am responding to part of your queestions ...I have been using Sure-T's for about 3 years now ...the 8 mm ..and have recently started to use this area : below the rib cage, well above the waisline , below the breast ( thumbs up so to speak ) and also my back , well above the waist ...for this Hubby is on stand by in case I need help ...hope this helps ...hugs