Minimed Infusion Sets?!

Hi all,

I am SO frustrated! Let me begin by telling you guys that I’ve been on the Minimed pump for about 8 years. I rotate my sites as much as I can, but I find that the stomach has the best absorption. That all being said, I’ve been using the QuickSet infusion set this whole time, but lately, I’ve been having lots of trouble. Take today for instance: I have changed my site twice already and taken two shots because the tube got bent. It didn’t even say no delivery! Anyway, I called minimed and they are sending me some samples of different kinds of infusion sets. One called the Mio and the Silhouette. The Silhouette looks pretty complicated, so I’m hoping the Mio works a little better. Also, I am currently using 9mm Quick Sets, and the rep on the phone said maybe I should try the 6mm. I haven’t lost any weight… If anything I have some EXTRA that I’d like to lose in my stomach… So what gives? What infusion sets work best for the rest of you minimed-ers?

I like the Quick Set the best but the Medtronic rep said recently that she has talked to quite a few people lately that have had the set disconnect for unknown reasons. She said this because it had happened to me while she was there! Luckily I caught it before too much damage happened only because I was using the CGMS at the time. The Mio is great because you don’t have to have the inserter. I have lost that a few times and it is pricey to replace. I have never used the Sil’s- like you said too much going on there.

I personally use the 6 mm although when I first started I used the 9’s. I read a study recently that was saying the shorter you can get the better as far as absorption regardless of the body fat.

You don’t really mention a whole lot about what your problems are. I also picked up on “I rotate my sites as much as I can”. How often is that usually? When I first started pumping I would usually go 4-5 days. I stopped when I ran into someone else who also went 4-5 days between changes and got to the point he could no longer use his abdomen at all because of lipohypertrophy. He let me feel his abdomen and he basically had a bunch of hard spots all over. He also mentioned how he would often get bent cannula’s when he would try to put a set into one of these area’s. I decided I wanted to be pumping until they have a cure or some other easier way of managing so I am now pretty anal about changing every 2-3 days.

I use the Silhouette and its really not hard to use at all. I don’t even use the inserter thats optional. I found that I got better absorption with the Silhouette and I like that it has a lower profile than the quickset. Another thing that I have noticed is that it is easier to disconnect with the Silhouette than it was with the Quickset, I can disconnect with one hand.

Just another suggestion, can you try your set in your arm? I get great absorption in my arms.

I would like to use the arm more myself. My problem is that when I am just typing or sitting the tubing falls back in to my shirt and when I go to reach for something it tugs. This in and of itself dosen’t hurt but after 3 days I get quite a bit of irritation. How do you deal with this?

Hmm I have not tried that. It is just like the shot on the back of the arm right?

I use the quick set 9mm as well. So far so good. It’s been flawless except for my last change today it didn’t look so hot.

Thank you- I change my site every 2-3 days, sometimes I make it to three and a half but that’s the longest I’ll go. The site I use most frequently is my abdomen, but I always make sure to go in the pattern that I was taught by my pump trainer. I also use my back and very occasionally my leg, but the absorption just isn’t as good there. That being said, it has been 8 years on the pump and I’m hoping for many more, so perhaps in addition to changing my infusion set I should try my arm. It just seems kinda tricky getting it there, but I could probably figure it out. Also, I tried to 6mm QuickSet in my stomach as per the suggestion of the Minimed rep who I spoke with, but no go. For some reason on the right side of my stomach whenever I put a site there the tubing ends up bending completely. It doesn’t feel hard in this area, but I’m guessing I’ve just accumulated a lot of scar tissue. I’m wondering if it even makes sense to try the Mio or Silhouette in that spot… not sure it will make much of a difference if there’s scar tissue there…

I use the Mio infusion sets and love them. Not had a single issue with a mio infusion set. I primarily use my stomach and lower back just because that’s where I have the most fat and seem to get the best absorption. I love the Mios because they are easy to use and it’s an all-in-one unit. Great for traveling or just throwing a couple of extra in your purse/bag. Very easy to use too.