Need help

I have a really weird history as in September I had a fasting blood sugar done and it was 7.8 and the doctor was confused by it but then dismissed it as I didn’t have any symptoms. Fast forward to December when I was feeling very thirsty and tiered,losing weight but steadily and my vision was terrible and I was always hot and dizzy. I got a random blood sugar reading and we’ll it wasn’t that high it was just 9.2 but the go sent me for a blood test anyway. I go the results 2 weeks ago and my HBA1c was 42 which the doctor said was normal but after reading around I found out that it was prediabetic. Now I am very worried as my symptoms are still there although some days they are not as noticeable and I feel like my hba1c was not accurate as I haven’t been having symptoms for more than 3 months?
what should I do??
Ps: I am 16
Thank you soo much

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If you are not comfortable with the information you are getting from your Doctor, perhaps getting a second opinion from a different Doctor would be helpful?

My approach when going to a second Doc it to not make mention of anything which I may or may not believe to be a possible diagnosis. After all, that is what I want the experience and the expertise of the Doctor but rather to be sure accurately list ALL symptoms being felt which are considered to be abnormal. Whether you feel the symptoms are relevant or not. Everything. Often times listing them on a notecard and reading from the card is helpful so you don’t get nervous or distracted during the Doc visit and forget to mention something.

And then see what the Doc comes up with. Or perhaps the Doc may have some additional tests to run that they feel may be helpful in a proper diagnosis?

I would ask for a C-Peptide test which corresponds to how much insulin your body is producing. For instance as a long time diabetic my C-Peptide measurement is 1.5pmol/L and this is very low but if you are just starting to get diabetes this measurement will be much higher. A non-diabetic will have a measurement of somewhere around 400-600pmol/L( I think). Also I would highly recommend antibody testing which will usually show whether or not you are developing type 1 diabetes.

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This only really makes sense if you are taking exogenous insulin. C-peptide fluctuates through the day along with endogenous insulin production. In those who have never been on insulin therapy, it’s a lot easier (and cheaper and more accurate) just to measure insulin levels in the blood.

I get fasting insulin along with fasting BG in my regular quarterly bloodwork, along with all the other goodies. When I start insulin therapy, they’ll then switch over to C-peptide. At least, that’s the way it’s been explained to me, and it makes pretty good biochemical sense.

If high fasting BG or A1c continues to be an issue for OP, then antibody tests are certainly warranted.

Thanks for that clarification! Forgot that bit as it hasn’t ever applied to me :smile:


Thank you very much. How could I go about asking for this as my doctors do not seem too concerned about my results?

You have to advocate for yourself. If you are not comfortable with standing up to your Dr.s then you either need to take someone with you who will help you to get what you need ( like a parent) or find a Dr. that is willing to listen to you and will do the tests that you feel are necessary for your health. BTW if your A1C is in the pre-diabetic range most Dr.s will not prescribe insulin because they are afraid of hypoglycemia so that may be what is causing the push back from your Dr.s, but if you are developing diabetes it is something that needs to be closely monitored. Get yourself a glucose meter and strips and start self monitoring and keeping track of your numbers so you can show your Dr.s and be aware if your blood sugar is at a dangerous level before disaster strikes.