Need Motivation.... Have a family and want to keep it

I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since October 1981. 29 years. I have a A1C of 10.6, you would think after almost 30 years I would be in the mid 6’s. The short story of it is, I was the “poster boy” of diabetes growing up. I went to support meetings, test religiously and exercised like any other kid. The problem was I didn’t take care of my diabetes, my mother did. I was like any other teen, do what your told and let mom and dad take care of EVERYTHING.

The point is. I have lost my way. I have a loving wife and 2 beautiful children. I have had 8 laser surgerys and I am diagnosed with depression.

With everyone in the community someone has walked in my shoes and still has healthy feet.

Help me find my way back to health.

Thank you in advance to anyone who helps.