Need some help


Been way from here way to long. I guess that I am not much of a social media person.

At times I feel like I am spinning out of control and can not stop.

I do not check by bs like I should and remember to take all my pills like I should.

I am on a pump so that helps keep me some what steady. My last a1c was like 9.7
Have been above 9 for a long time, Too long.

I feel that I have been living on the edge for too long but do not know how to get off and on to solid ground.
It is only a matter of time before something major happens to my health and I do not want to that to happen.

I have been looking for some kind of system to help get me back on track but can not keep at any one thing to make a differance. So will try posting on here and see if anybody has suggestions to help.

have tried talking to the wife about it but it just not work. I know that sometimes some out side the family is easier to talk to

Thanks for letting me ramble.


Hi Bob

I think you have taken the first step to getting things back on track by posting on here. You definitely sound like you are overwhelmed and don’t feel like you have any control over your diabetes. Not a good feeling. So the best thing to do, in my opinion is just to start somewhere, anywhere and do something, one thing, that helps you feel more in control. You say you take oral meds in addition to insulin, you could start by filling up a med box of all your pills and putting the box on the table so you will see it and take them at meals. Or perhaps if you don’t know what you take or why, you could call and make an appointment with an endo to talk about your diabetes regimen and how he can help you get back on track.

If you have completely stopped testing, you can pick one time and start testing then, whether it is fasting, after meals, whatever. You can go buy a notebook and start keeping track of numbers and carbs. Or print out a list of carbs so you can start to keep track of them for your mealtime bolus. Maybe you can have your wife and you plan meals together to be lower carb and go shopping this weekend for the recipes you’ve planned.

It really doesn’t matter which of these things you do first. The idea is just to get the ball rolling and begin to take back the control you’ve lost. And don’t think about “how far you have to go”. If you have to lose 20 pounds, make your goal a pound next week. If you are 9.7, work on getting down below 9.0. If you look at all you have to do, you might be overwhelmed and not do anything. So just start somewhere. Poco a poco as we say in Spanish (little by little). You may be surprised how much easier it gets to take more steps once you start the process. Welcome back.

You are aware of the complication issue, so that should be some sort of motivation. Pick up one good habit at a time. First, start testing more frequently. I found that really helped me keep my head in the game. I read “Using Insulin” and got a handle on how this stuff actually works. Then as a result of “Using Insulin” I started to count carbs. With all the apps out there for the iPhone or Palm, I was able to find recording keeping software that was very useful. I started logging everything. I thought it would be a pain, but it wasn’t that bad. Chain restaurants are required by federal law to publish the nutritional values of their menu items. That is a HUGE help.

I found that the biggest change I had to make was with me. I needed to take responsibility. I think I was in a rather long denial period mixed the the anger. Once I accepted the fact that this isn’t going away and that because of it I need to be more careful; I found that when I started carb counting, I didn’t feel deprived of anything. Yes, there are foods that I avoid or only have once in a long while, but I don’t feel encumbered. Writing meals down, doses of meds, etc. helps you to find patterns to indicate where you might need to tweak something. You just have to realize that it’s not going away and the only way to stay out of trouble is to get into a reasonable state of control. It doesn’t have to all happen over night. I made a point of testing more, then I counted carbs and figured my insulin doses (I was on MDI at the time). This isn’t about denial of everything you’ve ever loved to eat, it just means you can’t do American restaurant portions. Moderation in all things.

You have to want to do this. If you don’t want to do it, you won’t. I didn’t do it until I wanted to do it. I’m completely chagrined about the stuff I used to do. I did have a period of bad old days. So I’ve straightened out and started flying right. I feel a lot better. I found that I needed to not self-flaggelate when I got a high reading and I felt damn proud when I was within range. Soon you will find that your’e in range more often than not. The little victories build and motivate you.

This is a good place to hang out. There’s a ton of good support and really smart folks who manage this condition. I’ve learned so much since I joined up in July. Reading around can also help to motivate you by giving you some strategies for eating that will make things seem much less restrictive. The collective knowledge here is astonishing. I learn something new every day by reading the forums. Diabetes will probably never be your friend, but you have to realize that this is a roomate with special needs.

When you are frustrated, send up an SOS. I would bet everyone would understand. Sometimes you need to talk it out with someone who’s walked in your shoes. Non-D family members don’t always get the details of this condition. They also don’t understand why you may feel like crap and are tired, etc. Here someone will have an encouraging word or a show of solidarity.

I hope this is helpful.

Thanks so far for all the replys,

Pete What apps have you found that work on the I phone. Have looked but having a hard time finding the right one.

What I eat. Everything I should not. Meals are usually good, Its my snacking that gets me in trouble.
I am not a bit raw veggie eater.

so any suggestions would help.

I know how to count carbs plan meals it just taking the time to do it and stick with it.


Testing is critical for someone using insulin to bolus & correct properly & to set effective basal rates.

On top of this I also work third shift 10pm to 6:30 am so I do not have the normal sleep eating patterns that most people have.

But some how I seen to manage and have gotten this far.

Being a pumper has helped a lot.

It is so easy to think of everything and get totally overwhelmed. The best way for me was to focus on one thing at a time, like they suggest in the infamous books “Think Like a Pancreas” and 'Using Insulin," (pumping insulin for those on a pump) and one of the books recommend spending at least a week on each goal. The one mistake I made after reading Think Like a Pancreas was I tried to fix too many things at once. The result for me was too many lows when I slept. I had 3 low blood sugar seizures when I slept, I think within a month, when I first started, and my dr was happy b/c my A1c dropped from 8.5 to 6.5 in 3 months.

By one thing at a time, I mean make a list of the things you want to improve on. For me my list was the following, because I already tested a lot, but my A1c was like 8.5. when I started. I was way out of control.

  1. Test before bed and when I got up.
  2. Have good numbers before bed.
  3. Test before lunch and dinner
  4. Learn carb counting / weigh food
  5. figure out how different exercize affects bg differently, including climbing stairs at work, b/c that fluctuates daily for me.
  6. Figure out how much protein is affecting my bg.
  7. How does Fiber figure in?
  8. How does each medication I take affect my bg?
  9. How much do temperature fluctucations affect my bg?
  10. How much does lack of sleep affect bg?

Everyone has their own list. Your list may change as you start to hone your skills, and that’s okay. You may be learning for the first time, not refreshing. If it takes longer than a week to hone a skill, that is okay, too. You are honing (sharpening). It is complicated and you will not be a master at first. Be patient with yourself, and if you get frustrated, watch some of the My life as a pin cusion videos on You Tube. I watch those when I need to laugh about the disease I hate (Sometimes hate is too strong of a word, I guess.). Good luck, my friend.

Hey Bob,
I think we are both in the same boat, I too have held a LOA from the site, and let things slip… I have not been taking my shots like i should, I have not been taking my sugar readings, my last A1C was over a year ago and was 13+, I know I have taken a step off a cliff with regards to my dlife… I just got done having a scare of an Ambulance ride due to high blood sugar and vomitting, they think i had a stomach virus. I am now working with a brand new doctor, a new energy of desire to improve and a new meter also. I found out that the rx program im with only works with Bayer Contour and Breeze2, so I grabbed a Contour USB at Walgreens for $29.99!!! Lets work together and keep each other motivated! I need the support big time I think!


HI Derek

Thanks for the reply. I was in Crossvill years ago. EX in laws had a time share there. Beautiful country.
Have seen the Contour USB will have to let me know how you like it. My insurance company just had everybody switch to either the Bayer meters or Life scan one touch. So I am now using the one touch line.

Not taking shots been there. Have you checked in to a pump? It has helped me through some ruff times not have to worry about taking a shot.

Do you plan out your meals for the week? I try to right now just doing a rough menu helps when going to the store.
I am also looking a working on cutting down on my carbs. I do ok at meals its snacking that get me, I have a hard time giving up chips and candy bars. I still eat like a normal person.

Take care


Thanks for the kind words. Yes if you can do I can too. Sweets that is the big thing for me.
I just need to get back on track. With help from here I hope that I can .

I know that I am heading a path of distruction and I need to get a handle on it.


Hi Bob,

Im not a T2, but a T1 for 25 years. However, I hope I can toss in some ideas as I have had those verry same feelings. My H1c 3 years back was 8.5 as an avg. then in the last year or two its been 7.6. I ate fairly healthy as I saw it. Nothing crazy or so I thought. I smoked for 15 years, so I like that after dinner mint (or whatever sweet) in place of a smoke. So about 2 months ago I picked up “Diabetic Solution” and read it. I highly recommend the first 3 chapters. You can read the rest if you want, but the first 3 really opened my eyes to what goes on and how I can cope with it.

So for sweets, Im a big PB fan. Id pick up a bag of those rice cakes snack sized things in vanilla carmel flavor and toss a little PB on it. maybe 8-10 carbs for 6 or so. Another one, was when I craved cookies, Id eat baby cookies. 3 carbs each. so Id take down 3 or 4. Another good one is 85% dark chocolate with a small amount of PB. Your looking at 5 carbs for a 1" square and it does the job well.

Heres the thing. For me, I need a regimented plan otherwise I end up straying from the path. I have jumped on a low carb diet, which isnt so much high protein as it is high fat with low carbs and standard protein. Honestly, Im not snacking as Im pretty much content all the time with my meals. There is all kinds of stuff to eat and my kids are trying to steal my food because they think its yummy.

I think for you, you need to try to asses what you think your needs are as a person. Can you handle moderation in your eating habits and maintain tight control? Do you need something rigid and structured? Do you just need someone to hand you food on a plate? Once you figure out your needs, ask people here. I did the same thing a few months back and have seen better sugars already. Its been a lifelong dream for me and Im realizing it. You can too. You need to remember that if you can get your numbers under control, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This things do make a difference and having tight control will help. I wish you all the best in this.

I really hate to ask this and I have tried to not look at diet plans because I really don’t want to know the truth but…:slight_smile:

I am assuming then that cereals are not a good idea for folks with Type 2 like me? Raisin Bran, whole wheat Cheerios are the types I am referencing.


Another “does not check in often enough” user - Richard

Thanks, Sunny and you hit another one of my issues. What does an old guy who has Type 2 and has issues with cholestorol do? :slight_smile: I swear that sometimes just finding something that is not banned i.e. that my wife won’t yell at me about eating is simply not much fun!


Great idea on the plan, Tanya.

Ok, another food related question for everyone.

I watch my carbs, well, my wife and grown vermin watch my carbs as I simply don’t drive much anymore due to other issues. Now I am reading that protein can cause issues! Ok, if carbs are bad for we Type 2 folks and protein can cause us problems, what are we supposed to eat?

Does anyone else get driven partially insane trying to find something to eat?


Ok Rant here

Lets try to get back on track for me.
I am still struggling here and I do not like it. But I do not have the self discipline to stay on track.
I have all the knowledge and tools to be in good control but can not keep at it.
Bad habits are easy to keep doing but good habits are hard to start. I try to start and behave myself but that only last a day or two then something happens to stop that. What is one to do? Am I waiting for something to shock me it to behaving myself I really do not know.

Viscous circle here. High bs bad feelings reallly do not care what happens can not get sugar under control. :frowning:

There are times I feel like I am spinning my wheels here. The wife is of no help buying cookies and donuts for the kids and always looking for some rice or potatoes with the meals.

Have tried the rewards system, have came up with a daily check list but none of the seems to take. Have talked to a therapist but he was no help. I feel like I am in this alone. I have really no real close friends in real life have the ones on line but sometimes its not the same. Would you believe besides my mom and brother, the longest person that I am close too is my cat who,s 15 and been through a lot with me.

I guess what I really need to do is to break it down like I did my sons math problem last night start with one thing get in the habit of doing that them add something else. Will dig out my check list and try to start that again.

It does not help that I am a procrastinator.

1st start testing more then go from there.

thanks for listing


Well, here are a few things that I have learned:

  1. This is YOUR journey… And no one else’s. Yes, the support of other people can help us throughout the journey, but at the end of the day, this is YOUR journey. YOU, and YOU alone are responsible for your care. You can’t pass the buck on to someone else, for cooking or not cooking this or that, or to your kids, or to your family.

  2. Because this is YOUR journey, and YOURS alone, no one can possibly understand how hard it is, NOR can they take you seriously if YOU do not even take your own journey for yourself seriously. Your family will only take this journey as seriously as YOU do. If you do NOT understand that if you do not take care of your diabetes, you are going to DIE… Your family is NOT going to understand that either. If you do not get involved in your care, and educate yourself… You will NOT be able to get your family involved in your care, and get them to educate themselves, and seriously understand how deadly this is. Until you can demand change from yourself, you will not be able to demand change from your family.

  3. You will not start taking care of yourself seriously until you make Diabetes REAL to you. Yes, that means no more denial, and facing the fact of all the awful, horrible complications that you will most likely develop if you ignore one more day of caring for yourself, and controlling Diabetes. I really had no opportunity to not understand how very real Diabetes is, because I had to watch my own father deteriorate and DIE right before my eyes, in just a small span of years… I knew what that meant as soon as I was given a diagnosis. I would urge you to seriously read up on some of the posts from people in this community who have ignored their Diabetes for years, and now have horrible complications and amputations. Maybe even visit your local hospital, or talk to your doctor so that he can arrange talking to someone who is enduring some of these awful complications right now… You may wait to procrastinate on Diabetes, but it will NOT wait to procrastinate on you!

  4. You have to find something that is DOABLE to you, and that you can commit to… And keep at it, until you can find something that you can live happily with, to a degree, with yourself… Deprivation and binging are bad, bad cycles, and not just for your Diabetes, but for your weight, too… They can even cause heart attacks in and of themselves. Use this forum to your advantage to ASK people what changes you may need to do in your routine, to make them more doable to you, and easier to commit to… or ask about any questions you may have…

  5. Take at least ONE baby step every day… But take it. Don’t abandon yourself when you don’t feel like doing other things… At LEAST eat with awareness of what those foods are doing to your numbers… Test, and do some basic things… Learn from your emotions when you are not taking care of yourself, and why… Keep a food journal if you need to – of your foods, your numbers – your feelings… This is soooo important.

    Don’t abandon yourself. We all go through burnouts, and dissatisfaction… and we all need to revise what we do, and make changes so that we can move on… To begin is easy, but to persist is art. You are NOT alone in this journey, friend. Keep at it.