What to do?!

Good morning everyone. I need help.
Here’s the story: T2- diagnosed eight years ago – A-1 C has been 5.6 to 6 for all these years. January I fell off the wagon and just started eating whatever I wanted. And not tracking or testing. Month ago I had to have surgery. My blood sugar on the day of surgery was 293. Surgery was canceled because of my blood sugar and I went on lockdown. I’ve been on lockdown ever since. . I’m under 1800 cal. I’m staying under 40 carbs per day. Actually I’m probably closer to 20 carbs per day. And I can’t get my blood sugar under 180. I’ve had one day of 145 and one day of 155. My morning fasting blood sugar is usually 219 or so to start the day.
I’m walking 30-40 minutes per day.
I’m taking invocanna. Komboglyze. (5/2500) and a metformin at night.
I have an appointment with an endocrinologist. But not for two more weeks and I’m feeling pretty discouraged about not seeing any movement in my blood sugar. Does anybody have any counsel from your experience for me.


How frustrating! You’re on “lock down”, exercising, watching your diet, and you’d expect to see better numbers. You might want to call the endo and see if they can put you on their cancellation wait list. so if someone cancels their appointment closer to yours, you could get in sooner. I would also consider asking for insulin. We have plenty of type 2s here on insulin, and I believe the majority of them wish they’d started sooner. Let us know how it goes, we are here to support you!


I have a few suggestions. First, you need to go look yourself in the mirror, admit to yourself that you messed up and remind yourself that all that matters is what you do from this day forward. Everything that happened before is glucose under the bridge, you can’t go back and change it. Second, you need to cut yourself a break and stop feeling like you are at fault for not being able to fix your blood sugar. Your blood sugar was like 300 mg/dl, that is an A1c of like 12%. You are on triple medication, but those medications on their own drop your A1c at best about 1% (and for most it is less). You can’t beat yourself up thinking that you just are not “Doing it right.” Go back to that mirror and tell yourself that “you are doing it” right and just because your blood sugar isn’t perfect, it isn’t your fault.

That being said, @MarieB gives you great advice to get in to see your endo faster. I would also give you some other suggestions. First, check your blood sugar, if your blood sugar is high and exercise makes it higher it isn’t going to help. Only exercise if it helps to bring your blood sugar down. Second, if you switched to a low carb diet and are eating high protein, consider limiting protein to 40 grams or so a day spread over three meals. Extra protein can cause a blood sugar rise. Third, increase your water intake, anytime your blood sugar is over 160-180 mg/dl you will excrete glucose in your urine. Extra water will help that process along lowering your blood sugar. Finally, before eating you could try a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, some people have found that this improves their blood sugars (heck, it can’t hurt).

And again, you need to remember, “Don’t Panic.” It will be ok. You didn’t get to losing control of your blood sugar overnight and it may take some time to get everything back on track, but you will. We have confidence in you.

ps. And if your endo recommends insulin that can be a very good thing. Many people with type 2 are on insulin. I am on insulin. And we can help you.



If your endo recommends insulin, I hope you will consider it. It is a great help to me, and I’m a T2. Good luck.


Good news ! I was able to get an appointment with my endocrinologist today for tomorrow!! yay!! Hopefully I’ll come away with some answers!


Like the others said, do consider insulin. I am T2 and switched to insulin early because oral meds caused bad side-effects for me – but for the most part, I am not sorry. I can control my BG better with insulin than I could ever do with orals.

by the way, I was and am afraid of needles, but these are small and the alternatives were more scary.


I think MarieB also gives wonderful advice, she always does. Here a few things to remember. First, we can only control this moment forward. I know you just rolled your eyes, but it is true. I am proof of that. Second, If you wish to do better you can.

As for insulin or not, I would not be terribly worried about using it. I have for 41 years and yes, I would rather now, but there are much worse things. One day at a time, take care, breath and please keep us up to date.



So i’m glad that I went. Had a great appointment. One of my better doctor appointments. So now I’m referred to our diabetic clinic for some classes. Referred to a nutritionist. She shared that my primary care doctor had done a great job. She kept my pill medication the same rearranged a little bit. And has Lantis at night. I like that she started at a smaller number and I liked her philosophy of let’s give it a try before we bring out the big guns. Not a big fan of doing the whole needle thing. But I am a big fan of hopefully feeling better. So here goes !


Sounds like you had a great appointment. Watch your numbers adding Lantus,you may need to eat a little more to prevent lows. Your classes will be very helpful. Needles are honestly such a minor part of diabetes care,I take 3 a day. Nancy

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So far so good! The needles are small and sharp :grinning: so they havent been bad. I’m still adjusting the Lantus, so I’m up to 14. BS is coming down-in the right direction. It’s still not right but I’m more confident that it could get right with some insulin help.
Thanks for all the encouragement!


@Marceypage: You need to start exercising and making this your priority, your daily constitutional. I have done that, actually started a couple of days ago and am already seeing a drastic improvement in my blood sugar numbers. I started doing brisk walks before and after (almost) every meal. I’m doing this indoors, in my apartment which works better than going outside. The reason being that when my back starts killing me, I know I can always drop in my favorite rocker recliner. I then take a short break and up & walking again, for the balance of 10 - 15 minutes. This morning my fasting number is 94, quite an improvement from 115 prior to doing my walks. My postprandial number after lunch yesterday was 99; it was in the 120’s prior to starting my walks. I feel ecstatic, want to tell the whole world about it, blogged on WordPress and am still continuing in this pattern. There is no room for cheating, and my numbers speak for themselves. Yay!

I was diagnosed about a year ago, am currently not on insulin or any diabetic meds.